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Cheonsa Jang Nov 2014
It was a blissful morning
You welcomed me by your smile
You told me you made a thing
And that made me smile

I knew my eyes shined bright
Because, ****, you're incredibly smart
You can transform little things
Into much brilliant things

Like my heart, you melt it away
By your glance, your smile and your grace
Seriously, how did you make it happen?
Like ***. you're so lovely
Cheonsa Jang Oct 2014
Why do stars twinkle
In the midst of darkness?
Why do they shine so brightly
And brings me hope whenever I feel weary?

Another chance, it'd give me
Another hope, to cover me
Is this another misery
And a failure-in-waiting?
Cheonsa Jang Oct 2014
Maybe when the right time comes,
You'll see that im here
Smiling at you all the time.

Or is that just a smile?
You don't even know, but that's fine
A smile that hides a thousand cries
Since the day I realized you're not mine to have.

Maybe when she's awoken you up from your fantasy
That she don't like you honestly
That's when the time you'd pull me
Because all you had to cover up your tears was me

Maybe that's the time you'll see me
you'll see the meaning behind me
Behind me smiles, behind my laughs
My stupid acts that I can't unfortunately hide

Because you're there, beside me
Can't I just enjoy the moment you're here?
Even though you're unreachable,
Maybe when the right time comes, you'd be.. Here, smiling back at me.

— The End —