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I heard you laughing,
And I wished I was a part of it
A poem every day.
"But you need a prescription to get Xanax."
The internet told me
Maybe ibuprofen,
Lying in the cabinets?
I don't need more drugs to get me high
Medicines are legal, right?
So I'm sitting here again
Looking for Legal drugs
Teens get high on
Because I regret
Throwing my drugs away
A poem evey day.
Äŧül Jul 2017
The Thames river froze that year,
Ênglish sheep husbandry I tell ya,
The Thirty Years' War continued,
Epic losses to sheep & men alike.

À cataclysmic year for many.

Testing year for **** sapiens,
Ênchanted were the scavengers,
True bounty for dogs & vultures,
Europe almost killed its cultures.
A tête à tête with history.

But human beings are hardy organisms.
They have always recovered from worse.
Most English sheep succumbed to winter that year.

Out of a flock of 20,000 sheep only 35 were left in England that year.

The 30 Years' War (1618 to 1648) that had killed 8 million people overall, had killed many people due to their injuries and the merciless cold.

A retrospective poem reminding the ability of humanity to preserve all life.

The English people had regained much of their sheep flock soon in the 5 years that followed.

My HP Poem #1620
©Atul Kaushal
Cheonsa Jang Nov 2014
It was a blissful morning
You welcomed me by your smile
You told me you made a thing
And that made me smile

I knew my eyes shined bright
Because, ****, you're incredibly smart
You can transform little things
Into much brilliant things

Like my heart, you melt it away
By your glance, your smile and your grace
Seriously, how did you make it happen?
Like ***. you're so lovely

— The End —