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Ezry D Feb 2016
Leave me for good.
Two years and you say you'll come back.
I can't wait two years for a prince that will never come.

Can't someone hold me and comfort me?
I want nothing more than to be wrapped in someones arms.
I want nothing more than to be loved by someone who won't leave.

It's all too much to ask.
Being human is to be greedy.
Ezry D Feb 2016
Screaming soundless screams
The only things that's real
is what you cannot see
If you could only see my invisible tears
  Feb 2016 Ezry D
You are slowly losing  yourself,
But you don't see it,
I don't want to watch you fall apart,
But you just won't listen,
Every day it gets worse,
You won't let me help you,
Blocking me out,
When you realise,
I'll be gone.
  Jan 2016 Ezry D
Zara Wolfe
I placed the roses you gave me
in a vase on my bedside
unaware of the pistol
you placed in my mouth
until I pricked my tongue
on a thorn.
Ezry D Jan 2016
I can't stand it a second longer.
I am supposed to love you.
So why are we fighting?

I am willing to stop.
I am willing to give up my argument.
I will pull the white flag.

Just please don't say goodbye.
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