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  Aug 2018 Bright Violet
Bryan Lunsford
When she left I wanted to die,
But inside I was already dead,
As I'd run and hide--
With every poem that I'd shred,
I'd get really high every night,
And smoke pack after pack of cigarettes--
As it's been with only her on my mind,
My heart no longer resides in my chest,
For since she has left,
All I've wanted to do is die,
But inside I was already dead
  Jul 2018 Bright Violet
Lora Lee
when we are in love
we are raw red hearts
exposed to the flesh
of the night air
in crisp, sharp breaths
ventricles open wide
as its beats paint
the stars crimson,
skylit rubies
baring all
peeled back touch
of cells like
the muck of our guts
spilled out yet
       somehow contained

My insides are
braided, like veins
pumping life into universes
receiving the tender fire
of your jeweled, earthy words
rising to meet each kiss
like an abulation

I am
boiling cherry broth
in this heat-licked ice
that melts upon the tongue
in salted frenzy,

Wash over me
Hold me in cupped hands,
Take me by the tips of
my soul's hips,
for I am at risk
of being pulled into
the sweeping monsoon
  Jul 2018 Bright Violet
Ashari Ty
Once I was too afraid to
let go
of the things and the

that I loved and cared

Too afraid to set free
Or be free from my ego

I was not ready to be
reminded that all things
come to an


But fear not because the
greatest feeling
is to learn that

Sunset is as good as Sunrise
..but the end is just as good as the beginning.

Limits will prep u to be free ;>
Bright Violet Jul 2018
Have you ever felt anything more amazing?
The sun kissing your face
while your eyes rest
while you take a breath
lying down listening to the waves.
They come and go incessantly
but you like the sound of them
their rhythm takes you on a journey.
A journey you shall always cherish,
wisdom you got through pain and torment
And now it's time to let it go
You've earned your rest
Take a bow
Pull the curtains
Empty your mind and rejoice
You left your mark in this world
You touched people in your wake
And that's all you can ever hope for
Bright Violet Jul 2018
It's just that I have to write.
It's not a choice.
It's a need.
I'm not looking to please others
I don't care if the only person who ever reads it
is me.
I'll do it anyway
I have to
For if I didn't
I'd tear apart
a piece of my soul.
Bright Violet Jul 2018
Hiding is pointless
I have everything
yet I miss so much.
I want my grandmother.
Boy do I miss her
Sometimes, oh yes, sometimes
even more than my own mother.
I remember carefree times
What if you're not here physically?
I want your soul
I know it's here
I hope it is.
It's been a while since you left
Not nearly enough to heal my wounds.
I hope you're in a better place now
Perhaps we'll meet again.
Just the thought of you not being here
makes me shiver.
I love you so much
And you gave away your spirit
without a fight.
Why? What were you thinking of when you did that?
Certainly not me
or anybody else.
I hope the next life
will give you something better than this one.
Truth is you were wronged a bit
Maybe part of it was your fault.
But I don't blame you
I think it's time for me to let you go
but it's so so hard
I don't want to
but I have to.
Only my name is left as a reminder
And all that's left in my memory
I fear I will forget
What can I do?
Probably nothing
Goodnight, nana
Perhaps one day I will see you again
Thank you so much for all that you've given me
I love you

Your Granddaughter
Thinking back on a loved one's life has such a unique mixture of feelings. Sadness, pain, anger, joy. I tried to channel this weird sense of loss and guilt through one of the most important figures in our lives.
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