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May 2018
It is okay to go
You won’t leave us
We won’t let you rust
From the gust of rain that pours down
You’ll stain the ground
It is okay to go
We all go
We don’t no where
But after all the ware and tare
You still leave me with a tear
We are meant to be left with a stair
As we leave
I hope you breathed the fresh air
One last time I wish you could chew me out for being stupid
One last time I wish I could tell you everything would be alright
One last time
I was only able to tell you that it was okay to go
That was my last time
This night was long ago
But still fresh
I could never give it a rest
Could I always see you in such detail
Or remember the moments when you gave advice like yoda
I guess what you gave was everything
And I gave you nothing but a goodbye
And I hope that you were right because I want to give you a hello again
But until then your final words will ring
And the sound of tin roofs will ting
The one that we would fall asleep to over again
It’s okay that you went
I’m glad you finally found out what happened next
Next time don’t leave me behind
I don’t mind
I just want there to be a next time
We’ll be just fine
Till next time

We never saw eye to eye until I had to say goodbye
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