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Apr 2018
During the night I can’t stop my self from asking the questions that haunt me
I have stayed up countless night not able to sleep be cause of my fear of having to much to fear
For example if there 7.2 million people on this planet that I’m so minuscule that I’m nothing but a number
If there’s millions of atoms in a human body than to an atom I’m greater or equal to a world
And at the same time my number of atoms in my body compare nothing to that of a universe so my existence is meaning less
And yet I still ask why because I’m just stupid enough to understand that I don’t have a meaning if I ask what my meaning is like countless others
Countless because no one cares to count the number of meaningless thoughts we have
Yet alone the number of times I get so engulfed in my thoughts that I can’t sleep at night
For example you know that weird repetition of your name in your head what if that’s the past you saying that all those people needed you in the past and now them calling your name is their past way of haunting you..... no, no one else gets that
Well I guess I either have to be the only one who thinks this way or someone can relate
Which is another thing that keeps me up at night if there are 7.2 million people on the planet someone has the exact same thoughts and reactions to something as me which means there’s an identical me struggling to understand why
I from this rant or whatever my mind is let me ask why do you write or why do you bother to do anything at
To question your beliefs and philosophy’s is to write poetry so will anyone else ask why with me?
Why did I write this
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