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May 2018
Dear emptiness
I have gotten to know you well. You provoke the thoughts that keep me up in your solitude. Like we’re all just sprinting at a brick wall that we pretend is there, one day I’m gonna hit it saying I told you so to my self. You emptiness are made from my sleepless nights. Such as this one where my brick wall seems only several feet ahead of me. You my emptiness are a pain in the *** to keep to myself, throughout the day your tugged at by others and pulled out by the night. Why do you strive to make me miserable. And so emptiness answer my questions and I’ll answer yours? No I didn’t think so. Well I guess I am just talking to a brick wall, that I’m pretending isn’t there. Dear emptiness you my dearest friend are nothing.
It’s funny how all day all I wanted to do is sleep and now I’m so tired I can’t sleep. Dear emptiness your a pain in the *** to sleep with
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