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Apr 2018
yes I’m broken
As are you
But my broken is the type of infection that doctors look at and simply say I don’t know
My broken is not able to be fixed
I’m fine to be broken
Broken mirrors have a simplistic beauty to them
As you are my mirror and I am your broken
Trying to fix myself so I don’t take away from your reflection
We are all broken
We are waiting to be told that are cracks are beautiful
And if no one will tell you that your cracks are beautiful
Then tell yourself
Because in this world you must take your broken side and exclaim that it’s your best side
A mirror can’t fix its cracks
And you the knights will never put humor back
So give up on your cracks and accept that art is held in extravagant messes
We are all broken
We are all art
We are all never going to be fixed
Because when you try to fix glass it cracks more
Just ask me
I’m in shards
In shards I lay laughing at the fact that when I was little my family called shards ****-farts
So just thinking that I’m in shards and so broken I can’t get fixed brings some happy memories back
Their happy until I realized one time in the first  grade I sharded and had to run to the office for new pants and on the way their I saw my crush
She questioned the smell and I darted for the office
Ironically the next day we started dating
She was my first crush
I say crush cause she left the first crack when she called me out in front of the class “you’re stupid you can’t speak or spell”
You see I had a speech impediment and was ruled out as stupid
Our cracks can run deep
But or words can always run deeper
I think it’s too long kinda went on a rant sooo yeah hoped you got something from it
Written by
   --- and Logun Alexander Johnson
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