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Aysha Oct 2017
Constant staring at the mirror every minute till I feel dizzy and my eyes can't carry it out any longer.
Just standing there hoping the zits, dark spots will magically disappear
Each night,It's a daily routine of skin care,pampering the skin with pricey fade out creams, scrubs, even out and Popping doxycycline pills.
Why can't I have the perfect skin like girls my age?
'Just give it a bit of time, they'll go' they always say.
But what ******* time?
I'm tired of hiding it all beneath the foundations and concealers.
Even with makeup, I still feel the need to hide the ******* scars on my face marred by acne.
With these feelings of insecurity and self consciousness
There is a Daily reminder of how ugly and unlucky I am
I can't take it anymore
Acne is a curse.
  May 2017 Aysha
They used to ****** people that look like I do
They do ****** people that look like I do
They've taken away my freedom and put my mind in a cage
No use to fight the bloodshot eyes
Stained from the tears I cry
Our cries for justice and equality they are trying to hide behind bars
because they know that nobody dares to read between the lines of white lies
They are trying to silence us
Keeping an entire race from the ability to arise

When blackbirds die, why can't we ever hear their screams?
Maybe that's why they never hear our screams,
For black lives to actually matter

Injustice has grabbed us by the hand with a grip that we can barely withstand
We cannot break free from what our skin defines us as
They say be afraid,
I'm just another face in the crowd of a picture of silenced serenity
Because dark skin is really just a picture of crowded statistics and percentages
We stay in the shade because that's the only place we seem to fit in
Maybe that's why we seem to be walking in the dark like zombies
Killed by the sweetness of black suicide , genocide
I'm tired of trying to put my sorrows aside

Our children love to play in the rain
Dark hearts
Dark souls
Dark minds
Seem to come along with having dark skin
The rain finally gives it a companion
Our little boys can finally find a release
Cry the tears they always held back
Because they were taught that real men don’t cry
But the rain
Protects him from criticism
He asks
“If I cry alone,
Will heaven still accept me?”

Let us pray
‘Our father who hide in shadows
Humble be thy name
Thy love will never come
Thy affection is solely done
An integration of lines from pieces I've written in the past on women's rights, relationship issues, and race inequality. Hopefully this can help some see that these topics are one in the same.
  May 2017 Aysha
I believe beauty is a combination of 2 things.

Outer beauty, which is subjective, and inner beauty which is not
  May 2017 Aysha
Meenu Syriac
I keep my words to myself.
Hidden, locked,
Buried under the earth.
Quiet, they say.
Don't you ever want to talk to us?
Open your soul to us?

I do.

And in moments like these,
A few may escape.
As poetry,
That barely tells the story.
As poetry,
That rarely makes sense.
Like a broken record.

But are you listening?
©Meenu Syriac
  May 2017 Aysha
Today is a very special day
I don't know which words to say
But I hope that you are okay
Even if you just slept all day

I've been thinking a lot of things
Like crafting or buying gifts
But I failed to save up for these
Instead, I'm here writing this

I used to spend days writing our papers
Always saying, there's still time for later
But writing sweet poems such as this
It took me just minutes, I won't remiss

Today marks your young adult year
New doors will open, and the light is near
I hope you're having fun with your mates
Drinking and laughing like old time's sake
Aysha May 2017
With the biggest smile on my face I turned and said to him," life would be nothing without your dramatic spin on everything."

— The End —