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 Jul 2018 Ava Behjat
Reza Bavar
Reflected, in your eyes, I see...
Is that how you see me?
A taTteREd tappestry
    A misfit  
From my motivations and inspirations
These all seem to me to be reflected, you see, in what you see that I see reflected in me.
 Jul 2018 Ava Behjat
Reza Bavar
You told me if I take one step towards you that you'll take 10 towards me.

Showing up and I'm thinking my God this isn't for me...

Cold showers, Almond Oil, Head Covering?  Man... I gotta fly- T.S.A.


To the kiss of the Amrit Vela--the Ambrosial Hour--sitting at Gods table

Infinity Generating
Life Organizing
Death Destroying
Rebirth Delivering...

Sa Ta Na Ma... Wahe Guru!!

I stand reborn and aware

This IS the Yoga of Awareness...

Now I'm running towards You, seeing You in All--a Mirror Gazing at a Mirror

THIS is MY Identity--Truth.

Sat Nam...

Say it with me... Sat Nam

Breath it in and feel it with me!!


~Reza Bavar
 Jul 2018 Ava Behjat
Reza Bavar
No music… no music… no music...
No Music can compare to the song we made

You were the violin and I was the piano
Our chords danced in the ether
A melody sublime

Rising and falling we created color

The fusion the friction the ferocity the fantasy

The fantasy… the fantasy… the fantasy...

The fantasy evaporated
The song had to


And, we both know...
It wouldn’t sound the same if we played it again

The chords are too familiar
                                                    The melody's not as sweet
 Jul 2018 Ava Behjat
Reza Bavar
So Intangible
So Real

Would I still choose to Love you if I had to sacrifice parts of my body?

So quick to give our hearts to each other,
                Would speed still rule if the cost was Flesh?

The price list:
Puppy Love - a sliver of skin
First Love - a finger or a hand
Grand Love - a leg or an arm
Unrequited Love - an eye or a tongue

Would you still dive in?

The wound obvious
The Scar A Warning
                     An Invitation
                           A Beacon
                                A Lesson

In the end,
At the very least
We tell ourselves there was "A Lesson"

Don't pretend...
We'd all gladly walk around with parts missing

We already do.
 Jul 2018 Ava Behjat
Reza Bavar
Is this what It is
Sitting at a table
Surrounded but ignored
Teeth falling
Memory fading
Skin hanging
Friends dead and dying
Is this what it is
Generations erupting and then receding
Ages coming and going
Is this what it is
To live
To die
Why did we choose life
Why do we believe in death

— The End —