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Ashlyn May 12
she is sunshine
with freckles like a sunflower,
and eyes like leaves,
sweetening my day like sugar.
she keeps me growing.
like a plant...
something like that
Ashlyn May 12
sometimes you just need
to sob out sour notes,
so you can realize you're still living.
Ashlyn May 12
You keep me locked away,
Like a bird in a cage…
Never to be free.
I sing a song,
Waiting for the moment
When I can finally fly…
Ashlyn May 11
I released balloons into the sky...
containing a message...
hoping they'd get to heaven,
and you'd think of me.
Ashlyn May 7
I asked the lord to make you love me.
The devil responded,
"on one condition."
Ashlyn May 6
The sun shown bright
and yellow.
Leaving my skin red like an apple.
The breeze moves my
hair like a ripple in water...

Hearing nothing but the birds sing,
And feeling nothing
but the grass and wheat
beneath my feet.
I run.
Finally, feeling free...
In a world of pain.
A school project. We had to focus on imagery, and include sensory diction.
Ashlyn May 4
I dreamt of the time you'd come home.
I watched as the leaves changed colors, and fell off the trees like the rain falling from the clouds.
As branches were bare covered in ice.
Where you couldn't see green anymore...
Only a white powder mixed with a muddy brown.

I kept watching as the tulips blossomed, and I felt their roots dig into me...
Consuming me.
All of their colors turning the darkened tint of my heart into a beaming ray of fluorescent light.
Waiting for you seemed so long...
But, maybe this is what I've been waiting for...
To be reborn.
Maybe I live to let you have a taste of beauty,
And wilt away when you have tainted it.
Maybe I live,
To die.
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