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  Jul 2015 Haley G
amy emma
it hurts the most when i see how happy you are. not because i don't want you to be; because i do. that is my only desire in the world. but it reminds me of how happy you once made me, and of the possibility that, maybe for a short time, i was your happiness too.
  Jun 2015 Haley G
Syreena Phelps
Wow. Way to go.
You ****** up once again.
You pick the worst timing.
You make everything so dramatic.
You pick at the tiniest things.
Wow. Way to ******* go.

You feel good about yourself?
You think you'll do better next time?
You think you can fix it?
You think it will fix itself?


I'm a **** up.

Can someone please slice me open and let me bleed out, because I'm afraid if I tried, I'd **** up. And the world doesn't need any more **** ups.
I'm just ****** at Myself right now.

I'm soooo great. -.-
Haley G Jun 2015
Type this,
Double tap that,
Tweet this,
Post that,
Like this,
Like that,
Face Time here,
Face Time there,
Search for this,
Search for that,
Constantly searching on your iPad,
Too engrossed to even look at
Things that are in front if us,
Typing away on our keyboards,
Getting things we can't afford,
Insert slang here
Insert slang there,
Cuss word here,
Gonna tap that there,
So many words we dispronounce,
Walking in and out
Of doors and places,
Gotta go,
In a rush,
Typing away here and there
Up and down,
What has happened to this crazy town,
It influences
Haley G Jun 2015
She's the girl who sits alone,
Abandoned by her friends,
Her family,
Her home,

She's the girl who gets beat down,
Nobody cares,
Nobody looks,
Just another girl with her books,

She's the girl who wanders alone,
Climbs trees,
Skids her knees,
And still no one cares,

They hold no remorse,
She's just another girl,
Just another person,
In need of help,
In need of love,

Even worse,
This inadequate girl,
Is me.
Haley G Jun 2015
Friends stay for the good and bad, They're
Rambunctious but rational,
Intellegent but idiotic, Always there
Even when you push them away,
Nobel and irreplaceable, they're
Devoted to you one hundred percent, They're
S*omething special to us all.

We will always call them friends
Haley G Jun 2015
The moment when you meet a person,
A kind light,
That moment when you meet a poet,
Who shines bright,
The moment when you meet this person,
All worries wash,
The inspiration,
That this poet has,
Outshines many who have tried.
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