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Haley G Jun 2015
What if what you wanted,
Was just beyond your reach,
Your fingers barely grasping,
Heart beating fast,
Beads of sweat stick to you,
The thing you want most,
Is so close,
But so far,
What if I say you could reach it?
What if I say it was destined to be with you?
Would you try harder?
Would it still be beyond reach?
Only you have the power
To reach it,
Grasp it and never let go.
  Jun 2015 Haley G
Jessica LeeAnn
I'm craving a new reality
My life isn't what I thought it would be
It's not the worst
However it's not the best
I know it could be so much more

I'm craving a new dream
My ambitions aren't what I thought they would be
They aren't that unrealistic
But something is definitely missing
I really would like to further explore

I'm craving a new confidence
My self-esteem isn't as high as it should be
It's not like I hate myself
But I know I'm not at my best
I really want to be something more

I'm craving a new heart
My love isn't as pure as it could be
I don't have hate in my soul
But my past, I haven't let it go
I hope that real love will find me
Haley G Jun 2015
I'm* just a girl,
Just waiting for you,
A kindred spirit, A
Girl who would do anything,
Who will cherish you, Who
Loves everything about
Haley G Jun 2015
I'm** sorry for the way I am,
Sorry for what I've become,
Sorry for the things I say,
Things I do,
The things I wish to happen,
I'm sorry that I'm sorry,
For I meant no harm,
At least I admit the things I do,
That says a lot about you,
Now I'll leave you alone my dear,
but honestly who won?
Haley G Jun 2015
I thought it would be fun
With you here,
But all I can think,
Are the lies you told,
The heartbreaking truth,
So now here you stand,
Arguing with me,
Back and forth,
How could she be so dense?
How can she lie,
To flesh and blood,
I thought I would be happy,
But all she did was remind me,
Why she left in the first place.
Haley G Jun 2015
I can hear the voices,
In my head,
Not one,
Not two,
Not even three,
But all,
All the voices ,
I've come to hear,
They say the same thing,
"Watch out my dear"
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