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3.2k · Jul 2015
True Love
Haley G Jul 2015
Treasure what has been givin,
Rely on each other, feel the
Uniqueness of your love,
Enjoy what has been given, because
Love is an unbreakable bond that
Only a few can comprehend, the
Variety, the deepness, the bond that
E**veryone desires, is yours.
1.3k · Jun 2015
I Will Protect Thee
Haley G Jun 2015
With every ounce,
Every fiber,
I will hold you close
And fill your desires,

I will protect my love,
Protect my light,
I will protect you forever,
My adventurous light,

Hear my voice,
Hear my pleas,
You are one of a kind,
A rare gem indeed,

I will protect you dear,
Until the day I die,
I give my word to you,
My vow to you,

Our souls intertwine,
Our love ensepertable,
You are my adventurous light,
My greatest treasure,

Sleep now my dear,
My greatest love,
Rest in peace,
With the Gods above
1.2k · Jun 2015
Star Crossed Lovers
Haley G Jun 2015
You're fictional,
Our love is surreal,

Its out of this world,
Not in our time,
I'm a beauty
You're a beast,

          My love for you will never cease,

   You're fictional,

Its time to move on
Its time to say goodbye,
Oh my love i wish i could stay,
With you forever,

        You and I...
Could never be,
Star crossed lovers,
Is what we will forever be.
890 · Jun 2015
Society Today
Haley G Jun 2015
Type this,
Double tap that,
Tweet this,
Post that,
Like this,
Like that,
Face Time here,
Face Time there,
Search for this,
Search for that,
Constantly searching on your iPad,
Too engrossed to even look at
Things that are in front if us,
Typing away on our keyboards,
Getting things we can't afford,
Insert slang here
Insert slang there,
Cuss word here,
Gonna tap that there,
So many words we dispronounce,
Walking in and out
Of doors and places,
Gotta go,
In a rush,
Typing away here and there
Up and down,
What has happened to this crazy town,
It influences
754 · Jun 2015
Haley G Jun 2015
Friends stay for the good and bad, They're
Rambunctious but rational,
Intellegent but idiotic, Always there
Even when you push them away,
Nobel and irreplaceable, they're
Devoted to you one hundred percent, They're
S*omething special to us all.

We will always call them friends
731 · Jun 2015
My Adventure
Haley G Jun 2015
I sit
Then stand,
I watch
Then hope,
I wish
Then dream,
For something better for me,

I think,
and think
and think
and think
But nothing comes to me,

I dream
and hope
i wish
and wish
For just one adventure to come,

But alsas no such luck follows,

I sit
then stand
I watch
Then hope
I hope
Then dream
Until finally you came to me,

My deepest light,
My greatest love,
You are my adventure,
My Soulmate,
My Love
719 · Jun 2015
Inadequate Girl
Haley G Jun 2015
She's the girl who sits alone,
Abandoned by her friends,
Her family,
Her home,

She's the girl who gets beat down,
Nobody cares,
Nobody looks,
Just another girl with her books,

She's the girl who wanders alone,
Climbs trees,
Skids her knees,
And still no one cares,

They hold no remorse,
She's just another girl,
Just another person,
In need of help,
In need of love,

Even worse,
This inadequate girl,
Is me.
691 · Oct 2015
He Came For Me
Haley G Oct 2015
Darkness came to me and
he said he's my friend
And you are not,
Is that true?


Darkness came to me and
He said he can be trusted
And you cant,
is he lying?


Darkness came to me and
He said everything will be okay,
Is he right?


Darkness came to me and
He promised me a better life,
Should I go?


Darkness consumed me
And you didn't care,
But as soon as he came  for me,
Your silence turned into shouts,
Your shouts turned into riots,
Your riots destroyed your life,


Darkness consumed me way before,
And only after I left
You answered me.
629 · Jun 2015
Haley G Jun 2015
I'm** sorry for the way I am,
Sorry for what I've become,
Sorry for the things I say,
Things I do,
The things I wish to happen,
I'm sorry that I'm sorry,
For I meant no harm,
At least I admit the things I do,
That says a lot about you,
Now I'll leave you alone my dear,
but honestly who won?
521 · Sep 2015
Hallowed Place
Haley G Sep 2015
The hallowed place lays at the heart of the labyrinth,
The capricious ebb of the tree line debilitates into darkness,
Garbled jargons upon the walls and fallacious passageways, can only lead you to one conclusion,
At the end of the banal road, magnanimous yet illicit prizes are sought after,
Over and over again,
Until the walls abate and break and the prizes are no more,
We wait at the hallowed place and take what is rightfully ours
412 · Jun 2015
Haley G Jun 2015
My deepest desire
is not life itself
but what life offers me,

The adventure that awaits me
the very purpose of why?

My deepest desire
is not life its self
but what life has in store for me,

For you only know
my greater purpose,
Only you can guide my soul
to the place i will one day
call home.
386 · Jun 2015
Darkest Secret
Haley G Jun 2015
You stood upon my porch,
That i would choose another way,

As you stood you hoped and prayed,
but you knew that i was done,
that i had strayed,

You were to scared to enter,
and too scared to leave,
We both heard the whispers
The ones with the darkest seed,

Not good enough,
Not special,
Just another person,
Wanting attention,

So i give a soft smile,
and put the letter on the table,
I am not just another person
wanting attention,

Not just shadow,
but a shadow with the darkest secret.
361 · Aug 2015
Haley G Aug 2015
You have a love that everyone desires,
A love that brings warmth,
With just a touch we are cold no longer,
With just a kiss we feel better,
With a hug that fixes all problems,
I say "Thank you" for being you.
Happy Birthday Mom
358 · Jun 2015
Goodbye Dear Friend
Haley G Jun 2015
As i hold out my hand and pray
I close my eyes and fear the day
So I say,
"God Almighty, help me through this dreadful day,"

As your fingers intertwine with mine
I cant help but smile and shine
So i say,
"You'll always be with me through time,"

As i slowly start to cry
I thought I heard your sigh
So i say,
"Take care of him for me, for i can not fly,"

As i open my eyes
and see all the tears
I know our hearts will break
through the years,
So i say,
"Watch over our family and have no fear,"

As is step upon the podium
with you by my side
I cant help the tears that start to slide
So i say,
" Goodbye dear friend, for you have taught me life is a ride,"

As I watch you leave my side with fright
I think of all the promises I will keep tonight,
So i say,
"God help him find his eternal light'

As I rise my head to the sky
I swear I saw you fly by,
So i say,
"God Almighty thank you for the day, So i could finally say,
339 · Jun 2015
The Reason
Haley G Jun 2015
You're the blade that cuts my skin
And sheds the crimson blood,
      You're the blade that cuts my skin
And every time you cut deeper and deeper,
      You're the reason I cry at night
Every time you tell me the "truth,"
      You're the reason I stop the fight
You're the reason I have to say
327 · Jun 2015
Dedication To You
Haley G Jun 2015
The moment when you meet a person,
A kind light,
That moment when you meet a poet,
Who shines bright,
The moment when you meet this person,
All worries wash,
The inspiration,
That this poet has,
Outshines many who have tried.
322 · Jun 2015
Flesh And Blood
Haley G Jun 2015
I thought it would be fun
With you here,
But all I can think,
Are the lies you told,
The heartbreaking truth,
So now here you stand,
Arguing with me,
Back and forth,
How could she be so dense?
How can she lie,
To flesh and blood,
I thought I would be happy,
But all she did was remind me,
Why she left in the first place.
319 · Jun 2015
I'm Just A Girl
Haley G Jun 2015
I'm* just a girl,
Just waiting for you,
A kindred spirit, A
Girl who would do anything,
Who will cherish you, Who
Loves everything about
311 · Jun 2015
My Oblivion
Haley G Jun 2015
For now my soul can not soar,
             it can not fly,
Only staying in the dark,
            as time flies by,

It will never reach the light it seeks,
            the light so many want to see,
It will stay in the deepest part of my oblivion,
               until it can soars again,

When i am ready,
         When i am free,
When i am no longer stuck in the past,
My own personal oblivion
304 · Jun 2015
Watch Out
Haley G Jun 2015
I can hear the voices,
In my head,
Not one,
Not two,
Not even three,
But all,
All the voices ,
I've come to hear,
They say the same thing,
"Watch out my dear"
293 · Jun 2015
Little Star
Haley G Jun 2015
My little star,
My little light,
Please shine bright,
My little bright light,

Are you happy there,
My little light?
All the way up there,
In the night?

Are you by yourself,
My little star?
My little light,
Are you happy there,
In the night?

Could I be there too?
I can certainly try,
My little light,
Could you help me?
Could you please shine bright?

My little star,
My little light,
Please shine bright,
My little bright light,

I will be there soon
In the night,
My little star,
My little light,
You're my only friend,
My only bright light
283 · Jul 2015
Haley G Jul 2015
Love is a strange circumstance,
Molding into each other,
Loving and hating each other immensely,
Listening and teaching each other the world and how it works,
Love is a strange feeling you get at the pit of your stomach,
Where all you want is them to hold you,
To kiss you,
To hold your hand,
Love is a strange circumstance,
A situation everyone longs for.
279 · Jun 2015
Only You
Haley G Jun 2015
What if what you wanted,
Was just beyond your reach,
Your fingers barely grasping,
Heart beating fast,
Beads of sweat stick to you,
The thing you want most,
Is so close,
But so far,
What if I say you could reach it?
What if I say it was destined to be with you?
Would you try harder?
Would it still be beyond reach?
Only you have the power
To reach it,
Grasp it and never let go.
276 · Jun 2015
I Fear
Haley G Jun 2015
I fear the light
i fear the dark
i fear i will never be

I want only goodness
in my dying heart,
I want only light
in the darkest world,

I fear the feeling of fear
and wish it gone,
But no matter what it returns,
except now it gives me courage
To not fear the fear
255 · Jun 2015
What Could I Be?
Haley G Jun 2015
I am light
but also heavy,
I am Strong,
but fragile,
I am open,
but guarded,
What could i be?

I am your heart
236 · Jun 2015
Haley G Jun 2015
Picture the life you want most, in the palm of your hand,
Everything you dreamed of and wished for,
Reaching out to you like a child, but then you
Fear the worst and start to ask questions,
Everything then starts to crumble,
Crumbling in the palm of your hand,
To much anxiety, to much OCD,

You just wanted everything to be **PERFECT
234 · Sep 2016
Boys will be Boys
Haley G Sep 2016
How could they do that?
How could they drug me?
How could they not of heard?
How could they not of seen?

Why did they beat me?
Why did they hurt me?
Why did they leave me?
Why am I alone?

They must of heard the cracking,
They must of heard the scream,
They must of heard my pleas,
They were on top of me...

I did not know them,
Nor did I care,
They whistled at me,
And told me to share,

I wore my black skinnies,
And a long sleeve shirt,
A black jacket,
And they still called me a flirt,

They told me it was my fault,
As they ripped off my clothes,
They told me I shouldn't of taunted them,
That I should of said no,

As if I didn't scream it,
As if I let it happen,
As if I told them too,
As if I asked for it,

They told me it was my fault
And maybe it's true,
Because boys will be boys,
At least that's what I was taught in school

— The End —