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Haley G Sep 2016
How could they do that?
How could they drug me?
How could they not of heard?
How could they not of seen?

Why did they beat me?
Why did they hurt me?
Why did they leave me?
Why am I alone?

They must of heard the cracking,
They must of heard the scream,
They must of heard my pleas,
They were on top of me...

I did not know them,
Nor did I care,
They whistled at me,
And told me to share,

I wore my black skinnies,
And a long sleeve shirt,
A black jacket,
And they still called me a flirt,

They told me it was my fault,
As they ripped off my clothes,
They told me I shouldn't of taunted them,
That I should of said no,

As if I didn't scream it,
As if I let it happen,
As if I told them too,
As if I asked for it,

They told me it was my fault
And maybe it's true,
Because boys will be boys,
At least that's what I was taught in school
Haley G Oct 2015
Darkness came to me and
he said he's my friend
And you are not,
Is that true?


Darkness came to me and
He said he can be trusted
And you cant,
is he lying?


Darkness came to me and
He said everything will be okay,
Is he right?


Darkness came to me and
He promised me a better life,
Should I go?


Darkness consumed me
And you didn't care,
But as soon as he came  for me,
Your silence turned into shouts,
Your shouts turned into riots,
Your riots destroyed your life,


Darkness consumed me way before,
And only after I left
You answered me.
Haley G Sep 2015
The hallowed place lays at the heart of the labyrinth,
The capricious ebb of the tree line debilitates into darkness,
Garbled jargons upon the walls and fallacious passageways, can only lead you to one conclusion,
At the end of the banal road, magnanimous yet illicit prizes are sought after,
Over and over again,
Until the walls abate and break and the prizes are no more,
We wait at the hallowed place and take what is rightfully ours
Haley G Aug 2015
You have a love that everyone desires,
A love that brings warmth,
With just a touch we are cold no longer,
With just a kiss we feel better,
With a hug that fixes all problems,
I say "Thank you" for being you.
Happy Birthday Mom
Haley G Jul 2015
Treasure what has been givin,
Rely on each other, feel the
Uniqueness of your love,
Enjoy what has been given, because
Love is an unbreakable bond that
Only a few can comprehend, the
Variety, the deepness, the bond that
E**veryone desires, is yours.
Haley G Jul 2015
Love is a strange circumstance,
Molding into each other,
Loving and hating each other immensely,
Listening and teaching each other the world and how it works,
Love is a strange feeling you get at the pit of your stomach,
Where all you want is them to hold you,
To kiss you,
To hold your hand,
Love is a strange circumstance,
A situation everyone longs for.
  Jul 2015 Haley G
Cameron Godfrey
Maybe I'm in love with you
Or maybe I'm just confused
But figuring it out would be dangerous
For I've got so much to lose

I'd rip my heart from my chest for you
But you would only bury it
My love's a load I have to lug
But I can hardly carry it

I'd fall apart if you touched me
I'll fall apart if you don't
It's time that I got over this
But I know I can't and won't

Maybe I'm in love with you
But you don't love me back
Falling head over heels for you
Is one long anxiety attack
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