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Frannie Jun 22
Meticulously crafted
Every shade unique
Loved by all who we encounter
Amazingly resilient
Never backing down
Indescribable and unique
New horizons awaiting
Frannie Jun 22
Always on Display
Speaking louder than my words
Forever glowing
Frannie Jun 21
Cocoa, caramel, chocolate or coffee
Cinnamon, cedar, copper or toffee
Tell me what’s your shade queen?
So beautiful and brown!

Hickory, cedar, pecan or gingerbread
With your warm silky undertones.
Are they yellowish or red?

Peanut, brunette, umber or brown
Whichever shade, you wear it well,
Embrace your melanin crown!

Bronze, copper, mahogany or wheat
Sienna or sepia it’s such a mystery!

Whatever shade you are, you should know you wear it well!
Skin so deep, your shades so dope, your melanin’s smooth as hell!
Frannie Jun 21
Just image where this chemistry could take you
Out of this world where the universe couldn't tame you
So far away to place where only I could save you.

Let me explore you baby, I'll use my hands to see
All of your existence baby, my eyes want to see
I want to feel you baby, my heart wants to see.

Your auras illuminating, so shine your light for me
Your face is radiant, so baby smile for me
Let's burn and fizzle together, baby you ignite me

You see, the universe in me, it shines so deep
my touch, so silky soft, it'll put you right to sleep
I'm on  mission and it's you I want to keep
Harvest my garden, what you find, you can reap
Frannie Jun 18
Eyes heavy but mind refuses to be quiet
Shedding tears I've been holding back, falling, silent
I can't sleep, don't want to think, but its  beyond my control
My heart is hurting, mind is confused, but no one to console
A broken soul, longing and yearning for the love it deserves
Love is all I wanted and now its too late
No time to turn back, you've been given your fate!
My eyes are heavy, my mind is steady, but still I'm awake!
Frannie Jun 18
Listen to your heart and follow your dreams.

Don't give up so easily, lifespan's not as bad as I seems.

Life is full of ups and downs, we don't always swim up stream.

Listen to your heart, never dim your light, just let it beam.
Frannie Jun 18
Unknown, unidentified, unheard and
yet unbothered.

Unfiltered, uncensored, uncentered and
yet uninhibited.

Unrestricted, unrestrained, unleashed and
yet unencumbered.

Unastonished, unimpressed, undazzled and
yet unabashed.
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