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 Feb 2020 Anna
Hannah Cao
 Feb 2020 Anna
Hannah Cao
I'd wanted to kiss you all evening
and your eyes on my mouth whispered it, too
The world span out of its stunned axis
and into our heavy laps in a beautiful way
I'd love to feel it again
Would love for you to throw me around
I don't care if it'll mean a hurricane
Part of "Seashore", coming out on Feb 14!
 Feb 2020 Anna
dusty and lonely
 Feb 2020 Anna
a dusty room
filled with sorrow
old interests now hallow

boxes all piled up
silent as an old tomb
the abandoned backroom

once golden shining rings
you can see the grimy buildup
on the items you tried to cover up

in the corner sits a broken violin
for the music that once flew on wings
that old case is full of wood and strings
Poetry prompt 101: Dusty Musical Instruments.

I ended up doing an abandoned room of sorts. It's kind of like that corner of my mind that I shoved everything I once loved into because I felt like I wasn't good enough at it.
 Feb 2020 Anna
Rochelle Foles
it was
     a dastardly decision
         deeming fated
         to deny a future

filled with dismay
     furtive deeds     designed to forget

the futility of dark days
i have, it seems, always loved Sylvia Plath.  This is  a reflection on losing her far too soon.

if you know someone whom you worry about losing in the same way do all you can to get them help. stay w them. let them know how their demise would affect you and those they’ve touched.  call the hotline, call an ambulance.  pray, do that voodoo you do.  intercede.  their life may depend on it.
 Aug 2019 Anna
Creative Outlet
 Aug 2019 Anna
painted parted lips
strokes of bold marks left behind
trails of blush on flesh

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