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Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Stargazing, Eyes now staring, I can see the future in your eyes
With no bright lights except for the moon, a perfect time
To finally call you mine
Would you stay with me tonight to realize how these stars shine
And how we could be like those in the dark sky
Emotions are rising, and I need your loving
In this night is where our hearts are lying
It makes my eyes cry
But I'm still waiting,
For you to say "I'm Ready", to get me preparing
For those three words I've been anticipating
In A long time since our first meeting.
I want you to be in my life for a long time,
No tough cries, and bad lies will destroy my life
Life that you're in, Life that you brighten in night and day
I love you and I hope one day we'll reach the highest stars
We'll get through all the problems, all the wars
All the needs that completes my heart
Are now all formed when we're chasing cars.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Heart to heart, I know we can't be apart
I love you my lover, but we can't have parts
That we share, a weird feeling for a beautiful piece of art
And it's so sad it wasn't enough for our hearts
I guess we have to keep distances
It may be hard for our promises
To keep its loyalty and our future premises
Goodbye To Ours, but we should still keep this friendship alive
Because despite the drama I want us to be right
Do you still remember when we first captured sights?
It was great, and it's probably better if our nights
Search for the moon, stars and true love
And this true love will keep us above
Our love will soar like doves
So High, and it will continue
Despite the pain, this true love will be new
I know we can never forget those moments when we became true
But our new focus will never get us through
No One can break us apart and if it shoves
We ain't going to move for we're now beloved
Only beloved? Remember this is only true love
For I am only a friend to you my love.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
I love you so much God,
I was nothing till I met you

It gave me motivation to get unto
Praying and repenting too

I can never express how great it was
When my head was raised above water, it was my must

I know you love me,
I can never express how good you are for me and my family

I want to seek your kingdom and grace
Longing nothing else but only for your face

I am your Son and you are my father
And No One's definitely much Greater

No Mountains too high for you to climb
No Darkest places blinds you to find

To help me get through in my life.
For you made another dust to life

The water, it cleansed me and my heart so black
Waiting for your Kingdom, because there's no more turning back.
To God be The Glory!
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
His Great works, very historical with such bravery
He's Jose Rizal having an attitude so mighty
Captured the eyesight of many
But a heart whelming shot took his life but saved a country
"Touch Me Not" his work that saved lives of many
7, 100 and more islands not including its popularity
Has been all because of his work and authority
For a pen and paper can definitely can change the country's humanity.

My Dedication to Jose Rizal.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Feeling good all the time in the house
Till my classmates text so loud
Big crowd, asking if there's going to be something submitted
No one cared and no replies were committed
To everyone asking that specific question repeated
Never had an answer despite 44 people were collected,
As the silence and awkwardness just started.
But no could believe when someone asked if "When's the quiz?"
Feelings and attention spammed as it left the bliss,
The feeling of breeze was gone, was like a coke fizzed
Everyone stormed back saying "There's a quiz?"
With a mighty hand and wrist he replied with "I Don't know"
***, My Gosh, I hate you, Oh No,
With angered emotions going more in flow
Such a crazy man to ask a silly question
But we don't know if it comes back haunting us after such occasion.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Remembering the past, and it was alright
Never going to talk to them again, thought that might not be right
Yeah, she said she loved me "as a friend"
But now facing the pressure on when will we meet again?
Definitely disagreeing it will probably happen
For you always ignore me two years away from being Grade 10
We used to take our time as the night took away
We used to make our memories in our own way
We used to be closed in the truth or dares we played
We used to call I love yous as something was being made
I know I was loyal to you in 7 of my 14 years of existance
But it was only 1 year when I was in line with your distance
I was very close to you having no regrets and resistance
To be honest and be true to you, despite having no handsome resemblance
Remember if you still need me,
I'll be here accepting you for free.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Prom's near, as excitement with their faces we're telling
An introvert in school was not expecting
For someone to ask him on a dance at the staging
Barely has any friends, looks like an emo living
He only talks when he's privately playing
In his room, full of loneliness and league of legends
Then she came, a girl who rarely talks became his friend
They have the same interest as best friends
Spending time in and out talking, and playing gadgets
The night of Romance for the high school came
They we're just chatting but have the same,
Same question in mind if they aren't ashamed
To go in the night romantically arranged
Being shy, they said the same thing as the time
They asked if someone has a partner in crime
The boy, being a gentleman, he had something mind
To ask the girl if it would be fine
For her to be his partner in the night full of romance
She Flatteringly and secretly was blushing
Her cute eyes were tearing, as both now have fired up feelings
The night came and both saw each other in such staging
Dancing, Dreaming, the night was wishing
For a star that their dreams should be continuing
Held Hands, as their eyes looked to that moment
Realizing that it was a great feeling for such romance.
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