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Ademar Jr May 2020
A Girl with a great name often looking pretty
Exotic beauty, she'll be the one who you call Fancy
At least from that stunning look she possess
From Deep within, that's why her smiles are the best
A very beautiful one, just talking to me
I'm so lucky for having her while looking so lovely
With a face like that no one can trace, no one can erase,
Because You took all my rhymes for your beautiful face.
Feb 2020 · 128
Inspirational Sounds
Ademar Jr Feb 2020
Marathon to the highest peak of the mountain
Breezes under my skin, still the ethic remains
Through brown vanes and the longer lanes
Ran a mind with those rusty trains
His name, covers up no shame
But effort courageously carries what he could claim.
Faster does the wind blows, and his speed matches when he goes
Like Inspirational Sounds, his empty soul astounds
The record goes round and round,
Sprinting in with an attitude so proud.
Pressure chases a hound
But it doesn't stop his running over ground
His calmness retains the underground
A Man setting a tone for the weakest crowd
A Man Keeping rhythms to maybe reach the clouds
A Man Believing with his voices so loud
A Man Reaching his dreams as the wind Shouts
"You Finally Did It".
Feb 2020 · 88
Prom Night
Ademar Jr Feb 2020
Night's Beauty
We were in the moon's glory
With your White dress
And My Black Tuxedo
As I hold your hands
We hugged and glanced
For it's our moment.
Looked at you
As the wind blew,
And passionately kissed you.
Jan 2020 · 42
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
I was then a student in Highschool with no friends
Trying to just fit in with the dudes and girls both ends
I was Very timid and didn't went on with the trends
But a simple question of my teacher made a mind's commence.
She asked a question something about the tooth
Our subject was English in Literature, it was ****
Out of nowhere that question was asked, I choose
To answer such, as a strong feeling gained after that "quest"
From that point on that'll be my inspiration doing my best
Because without it, I would suffer not having confidence.
Jan 2020 · 85
Lion Hearted
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
A brave mind and soul to capture the wild
With the bears and lions piled
The Princess of Nature treats it like a child
All the creatures calmly, listens
To a beauty saying her feelings
The kingdom began to gather
For a Princess have became their mother
Eyes and teeth looks much better
Not so scary now from the emotions of nature
Creatures just need compassion, it's treasure
For them and the others
A revelation from the princess herself happened
The intriguing claws of lions, now are paws
Eyes that looks shard forgotten and paused
For a moment when positivity crossed  
Her and "the cats" have made a relationship
A family now bonding nothing with friendship
Cults, now in the sailing their own ship
Lion Heartedly they've changed for their best
As Finally peace was created in the forest.
Jan 2020 · 52
Long Gone & Forgotten
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
She wakes up from after a bath
In the tub where the feeling's hollow
The shadow that follows
Now Gone in the shallow
She is all alone
Her Mom is cleaning and Family is enjoying
She walks around with no drippings
Not a water drop falling
She tries to communicate
But the others don't hear a word she say
Shouting and Shouting
No one can hear her except herself
She approaches her bedroom
Sees a table with her diary
No words despite dates were written
She still remembers the words
But the words doesn't remember her
She looks back and sees a mirror
There's no picture while she touches it
And the wind blew while she fades away.
Inspired By Breaking Benjamin their song "Diary Of Jane".
Jan 2020 · 46
Whatever It Takes
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Some big moments I wish could happen
Eyes are lapsing and clocks are stopping
This world we live in,
Now losing it's meaning
Words are pausing and sins' unforgiven
These memories we used to draw, now forgotten
Bloodstream's clogging, all emotions' corrupted
Those moments we've formerly erupted
Left themselves in the frozen garden,
Thought we'd be reaching heaven but now I'm broken,
In my every blink, a resurgence to when we sinked
I'm sick and tired of everything happening
I need you, despite the stormings,
This mind's breaking, itself into shatterings,
For I don't know when we'll be seeing
I'm really longing and hoping
That I could be there, attempting
For a recollection, but stainings
On my own shirt are now disappearing
Paintings on the wall, began remembering
Our bad memories causing hearts breaking.
I don't care anymore despite your unwanted feelings
I'm making a statement for this shaming
I'm making a statement for all my failings
The sealings, are too wide for shippings
And leapings of love, more like slapping with glory
Girl I'd create my own ways
To show you my real rays
And the moment my world lost faith
Is when I failed to do whatever it takes.
Jan 2020 · 41
Hate To Say I Love You
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
"Hey, How are you doing"
The textings in our conversation usually
We cared for each other like family
Your sadness, took me into an important model
You said his words pierced like needles
Don't worry, I'll help you in your battles
Little did I knew that true love rattles.
Those Three Months acting like couples,
Now just contacts remembering ripples,
Words of Tackle, turned a metal this little
To a glass so brittle.
Like our hearts when we first giggled,
For our eyes used to buckle
To every words we say when school's over
Moments when I drew closer
Near to you, my dear future.
Of course, the future's far
Can't see it from here till Mars
But we we're believing in that magic
Only to end in the worst tragic.
The sorries and stories are not enough to be the same again
Maybe we're together? But still not happening
A good beginning? A bad ending?
It was special when you were nothing
Because that was your point of starting,
Starting a new life with meaning,
You were reviving, and was now going only
For a surprised ending, to my girl I once loved
Sobering, Drinking in the darkest club
I thought I love you, and so did you
Our treasured promises now for fools
You didn't believed a word of truth
That's why I hate to say I love you too,
For all of these words, left me a heart with no clue, How to love you.
Jan 2020 · 60
Cold Blooded
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Cold Blooded! I'm barely being texted
With Oks and your cheap "seen" tactics
I know you're too ignorant for my comments
Supporting till the end, till the end for you blasted
Me a shower of boringness,
No personality in our wilderness,
Thought you would give happiness
But other friends makes you happy that's why I'm "sadness"
You considered me nothing but madness
A collision apparently doing badness
My gladness for you is off the charts
Your a cold hearted beauty at its finest
I love you but you hate me
Words so free, hangs bad fruits like trees
Your evil relies stings like a bee
My feelings flee, and learn the right way
When you refused to take the night away,
This heart froze in years and infinity
Ricocheting words lovely in a mirror so ******
No explanation for your rejections repeatedly,
No reactions from your rejections continuously,
We were barely friends in years so badly
Heck, you don't want to be with any
Except for your bad influenced friends knowing
Them as fake ones anyways so you're one of them
But I realized this start has no end
For your cold blooded heart never seriously committed.
Jan 2020 · 54
Coast To Coast
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Back and forth yeah, from you to a coast
Maybe you'd think of me as a ghost
When I wouldn't reply for only like a minute
Some biscuits and flipped disks are better than crickets
Refusing to leave the brain for tickets.
Trying to get an entry at nearest
But can't leave you because your the prettiest
Dark days, Failing Tests and Wrong Fest,
Have been my summarization caused from our texts
I don't want to leave you at best
But my chest and mind are trying to get rest
Even  trying to take you out for my steps
Losing Inspiration with destroyed vests have been my bless
While you're not a mess, Definitely not, but none the less
That doesn't  take my stripped mesh, it's messed
From this brain, for it sinked
I'm trying to see if a "coast to coast" could really help me,
After a few days with it and a messy,
Messy mind, finding her and she
Also trying to find bliss in a conversation city
Didn't saw this coming, I wasn't ready
I thought you being in my mind was beauty
Instead it left me sick without remedy,
Back and forth for eternity, and
My scoring piece have been broken by words and colony
It was my bad for the severity
And I don't know when I'll get back to serenity.
Jan 2020 · 45
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
She dresses nicely, and puts on a great face
She possesses exotic beauty no man can trace
She brought the stars in her eyes in everyday,
She look at the mirror as she face
She's reminded what beauty is in its place
She's pretty and wonderful, deserves praise,
She looks even better when her eyebrows' raised
She's the princess of beauty queens in a race
She brings the rainbow near in the coldest days,
She's lovely and an ace, a great beautiful one
She only chooses those who deserves her wants
She belongs to the elite not a month, but for eternity
She has the tools for being the best in history,
She creates a reflection of something truly wonderful
She's gorgeous, She's beautiful
She's a a light in a life so cruel
She assures plentiful of moments so happy
She is _ , the definition of beauty.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
A journey with you so long, but full of loving
Was a great experience remembering
That how much problems we took and recovery
Wasn't too good but believing
Created eye sights for seeing
The truth in minds and hearts of ours
This art of ours, this world of ours
Has a great touch of imagination from the stars
Your emerald eyes stunningly looking in my soul
As the strong wind blows, while my mouth closed
We realized that moment that prophecy's has been told
Our hearts set themselves ablazed, far from cold
Your cheeks rolled, were blushing as I called
Your name with passion as our lives unfolds
The next chapter of our hearts mold,
We're nearly there, and our hands just got to hold
Your feelings' so bold that these monsters crawled
Your face that delights, made my meaning of gold
Turned into you, and knowing you're heart's sold
To a man full of trolls, holes, I have no role
Until you came into my life and brought highs from lows
Your very important like minions in one horde,
Your important for you entertain who's bored
Your heart roared in my castle of glass
Being an empress to something wouldn't last
But with love and a caring attitude, it blasts
Affection from a queen so fast
In approach to take a heavy sword
Slay boring ghosts in a motherboard,
Here now perfect in this life we afford
Like U and I on the keyboard.
Jan 2020 · 367
Street Knives
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Battle for a rap name, rap game
Mixing a reputation of good and bad for fame
What a shame you lost a battle, so tamed
To even push on a young **** so flamed
Unending rhymes for times, it blinds, a crime,
You climb to the nearest mountain being 4'5
You're a legend, you can fly and make fights
Fist punches, clipped guns and street knives
Pick a weapon for your own rights
This is a street not a highway cliff
It's a deadly game as words rift,
Took itself above and land as a meteor from feets
And it  reached heads, unstitched and red
Bleeding from blows received on your neck
Tough life while bloodshed and doom
Featuring guns and grenades saying boom
A mind's zoom can see a zoo,
"Animals" fighting something for no clue
On why the importance is so true
5 tries, like Russian roulette you may get it too
If you stay at night, in a court's fight
You'd lose sight, your might, and get a bite
From hounds trying to act like those in Lord of the Flies
Blinked skies, tripped lights, their street knives are everywhere
Try to look right there, corruption and no shares
Heck my 4 siblings can't bare, a bread this little
They forgot who were us by just a riddle
From our own "apparent dad" and you see small kiddos
Suffering from shadows, they're scared of dark shadows
I want this to be over, for everyone's window are locked
No one can help the real victims cause they're mocked
No one can hide street knives cause they're rocks
And no one expect from their unexpected aftershocks.
Jan 2020 · 70
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Creation, Collision 3 words that Tooke in action
An essay too long needing summarization
Needing an answer to my series of questions
Failures, A failed fantasy to such relaxation
My reflection, your heart's coronation
Has turned to something that felt like a failed mission.
It was my lost, it was an hallucination
That caused me a breakdown to an imagination.
Your the person, not wanting a confrontation
My sensations, here now suffering complications
My feelings, losing hope and applications
Discrimination, for our hearts resulted in elimination
Frustration, these mentalities turning to collections
Memories and compilations, now considered a destination
For such destruction, a simple devastation
Explanations, never fitted in our sights fascination
The stars we used to chase, now exploded in constellations
You're better off without me in your lonely mansion,
Our tensions, just keeps getting higher everyday as
Ambitions of ours slowly fades away.
Your goodbye left me with no continuation,
Argued words and misinterpretation,
Pulls us farther from interaction.
My faction, broken down without an inspiration
To a guy lonely before their intersections
It covered my emotions' population
Consumption, in this heart of mine you captured
Interests going really but only a fracture
Broken down it's potential adventure
For the word of yours' had made me colder
Jan 2020 · 93
Midnight Princess
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Beautiful Princess, looking good from day and night
Glorious face that captures the bandits' sight
She makes a man stronger than his cry
A beautiful one, that takes a heart into flight.
During midnight, She still look so stunningly pretty
Her jokes, Her feelings, it makes the kingdom happy
She captures acknowledgement for the country
She represents the Miss Universe among those many
No One can battle her beauty, for she'll be ready
To bring out such mentality, that no one can underestimate
To bring out natural abilities, that no one can irritate
She gives 100 and 1 percent to those who imitate
Her own face, with lovely creativity
She never lost a competition and probably never will be
No one's even close for own treasury
For a midnight princess shines in daily and nightly.
She's like the sun, lights the world,
She's like the moon Shines in the dark but with a whirl
Her beauty evolves, the legend has been told
A prophecy now never considered as cold
For the midnight princess knows her role
Just bring beauty within itself to an empty soul.
Jan 2020 · 93
2 Shy 4 Words
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
With My Homies at the school just Talking
While a hot girl just came by passing
Hot Girl, everyone's eyes now blazing
I'm wasted, Heart's pounding while going crazy
Longing now with a hot tongue and baby
I might get your number later just for free
Bros just screaming "what a ***"
Teasing me also to "put on a show"
The heart now that I want is all alone
But the pressure's too much to go
Creeps behind, Girls beside me, and her lipstick shining brightly
I just left her, forgetting she's so Pretty and ****
Came home after school, checking some school works
Woah, She's now On? Maybe I should text her hello
I'm sweating and words to think have become zero
It's clear that I can't be a hero,
At least for now but chances now I'm first
Maybe try to make a move for a flirt
To a chick stuck in my brain while doing work
I don't know what to do, For I'm now too shy for words.
Jan 2020 · 87
Foolish Heart
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
This heart, I have entrusted with you
Now troubled like those ones too
Those ones not containing a few
Loads and loads now for I'm with the crew
Astonishing beauty that captures the heart of boys
Playing only with their feelings like toys
Put my affection for you nigh and day
Only for me to left with nothing to say
Day by day I think of you, I want you to stay
My Bae, needing you still despite my heart's astray
Longing for your love and myself's only
Only the one to be blamed
For a goddess who set my heart ablaze
Fame gone, nothing now but shame
It comes from a girl an attitude's so lame
I know everyone's considering you a work of art
With love in a cart,
It drove me too far, and gifted me a foolish heart.
Jan 2020 · 99
Chasing Cars
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Stargazing, Eyes now staring, I can see the future in your eyes
With no bright lights except for the moon, a perfect time
To finally call you mine
Would you stay with me tonight to realize how these stars shine
And how we could be like those in the dark sky
Emotions are rising, and I need your loving
In this night is where our hearts are lying
It makes my eyes cry
But I'm still waiting,
For you to say "I'm Ready", to get me preparing
For those three words I've been anticipating
In A long time since our first meeting.
I want you to be in my life for a long time,
No tough cries, and bad lies will destroy my life
Life that you're in, Life that you brighten in night and day
I love you and I hope one day we'll reach the highest stars
We'll get through all the problems, all the wars
All the needs that completes my heart
Are now all formed when we're chasing cars.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Heart to heart, I know we can't be apart
I love you my lover, but we can't have parts
That we share, a weird feeling for a beautiful piece of art
And it's so sad it wasn't enough for our hearts
I guess we have to keep distances
It may be hard for our promises
To keep its loyalty and our future premises
Goodbye To Ours, but we should still keep this friendship alive
Because despite the drama I want us to be right
Do you still remember when we first captured sights?
It was great, and it's probably better if our nights
Search for the moon, stars and true love
And this true love will keep us above
Our love will soar like doves
So High, and it will continue
Despite the pain, this true love will be new
I know we can never forget those moments when we became true
But our new focus will never get us through
No One can break us apart and if it shoves
We ain't going to move for we're now beloved
Only beloved? Remember this is only true love
For I am only a friend to you my love.
Jan 2020 · 121
No Turning Back
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
I love you so much God,
I was nothing till I met you

It gave me motivation to get unto
Praying and repenting too

I can never express how great it was
When my head was raised above water, it was my must

I know you love me,
I can never express how good you are for me and my family

I want to seek your kingdom and grace
Longing nothing else but only for your face

I am your Son and you are my father
And No One's definitely much Greater

No Mountains too high for you to climb
No Darkest places blinds you to find

To help me get through in my life.
For you made another dust to life

The water, it cleansed me and my heart so black
Waiting for your Kingdom, because there's no more turning back.
To God be The Glory!
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
His Great works, very historical with such bravery
He's Jose Rizal having an attitude so mighty
Captured the eyesight of many
But a heart whelming shot took his life but saved a country
"Touch Me Not" his work that saved lives of many
7, 100 and more islands not including its popularity
Has been all because of his work and authority
For a pen and paper can definitely can change the country's humanity.

My Dedication to Jose Rizal.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Feeling good all the time in the house
Till my classmates text so loud
Big crowd, asking if there's going to be something submitted
No one cared and no replies were committed
To everyone asking that specific question repeated
Never had an answer despite 44 people were collected,
As the silence and awkwardness just started.
But no could believe when someone asked if "When's the quiz?"
Feelings and attention spammed as it left the bliss,
The feeling of breeze was gone, was like a coke fizzed
Everyone stormed back saying "There's a quiz?"
With a mighty hand and wrist he replied with "I Don't know"
***, My Gosh, I hate you, Oh No,
With angered emotions going more in flow
Such a crazy man to ask a silly question
But we don't know if it comes back haunting us after such occasion.
Jan 2020 · 84
Memorable Times
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Remembering the past, and it was alright
Never going to talk to them again, thought that might not be right
Yeah, she said she loved me "as a friend"
But now facing the pressure on when will we meet again?
Definitely disagreeing it will probably happen
For you always ignore me two years away from being Grade 10
We used to take our time as the night took away
We used to make our memories in our own way
We used to be closed in the truth or dares we played
We used to call I love yous as something was being made
I know I was loyal to you in 7 of my 14 years of existance
But it was only 1 year when I was in line with your distance
I was very close to you having no regrets and resistance
To be honest and be true to you, despite having no handsome resemblance
Remember if you still need me,
I'll be here accepting you for free.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Prom's near, as excitement with their faces we're telling
An introvert in school was not expecting
For someone to ask him on a dance at the staging
Barely has any friends, looks like an emo living
He only talks when he's privately playing
In his room, full of loneliness and league of legends
Then she came, a girl who rarely talks became his friend
They have the same interest as best friends
Spending time in and out talking, and playing gadgets
The night of Romance for the high school came
They we're just chatting but have the same,
Same question in mind if they aren't ashamed
To go in the night romantically arranged
Being shy, they said the same thing as the time
They asked if someone has a partner in crime
The boy, being a gentleman, he had something mind
To ask the girl if it would be fine
For her to be his partner in the night full of romance
She Flatteringly and secretly was blushing
Her cute eyes were tearing, as both now have fired up feelings
The night came and both saw each other in such staging
Dancing, Dreaming, the night was wishing
For a star that their dreams should be continuing
Held Hands, as their eyes looked to that moment
Realizing that it was a great feeling for such romance.
Jan 2020 · 163
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Very thankful for my great girl friend
She's always there for me till the end
What she doesn't know are my emotions being sent
To her, from the past until the present
I think of her night in and out
She likes others though, so I doubt
That she'll accept me coming from her mouth
Let alone continue a conversation abound
She thinks of someone other than me
At least having crushes on for a lot of means
I know we're close together and we're happy
But it's hard for me to continue my story
I don't want to tell the truth for someone very friendly
Who sees me like a brother and part of their family
Only a best friend is I accept sadly
For a heartthrob captures her heart romantically
Keep her safe for me, keep her beautiful for me
Mind's just too full to get out of jealousy
I too want her and it drives me to insanity
To someone she's now loving truly.
Jan 2020 · 145
Princess Of Nature
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Princess Of Nature
Great beauty is totally within her
It is her natural beauty that really captures
A great attitude she truly has being a teacher
To everyone else who comes before the kingdom
Despite being young, she's wise and true to her tongue
As the bell rung,
Her coronation has now begun
A deserving crown to the only one
The only One who truly cares for the nature's beauty
The only One who changes insanity to its formality
The only One who cares for everything like family
The only One who keeps trees alive despite the reality
Both loving humans and nature, which seems impossible
It was her wisdom that stands out to make it possible
Nothing bad really happened as we thought it was terrible
For her to be crowned princess in the people's battle
She deserves it totally with her hands holding into an apple
Something somewhat wouldn't do for a picture
But your confidence stands out more than your love for the kingdom of nature.
Jan 2020 · 155
Since You've been Gone
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
I miss you, and I want you to come back
Things cannot rewind itself back
Your loss is the only reason this cloak is behind my back
The reason I was hiding myself with the black
Trying to think what I'm suppose to do next,
Trying to think what's the reason on such text
On the fact your gone, how do I now comfortable rest
When I'm getting memories back in my head
I need you, so does your family
We need you, for we were never happy
Since your self-less love was gone, Daddy
I miss you now, nightly, and every daily
No one was more loving than a man with so much ambitions
No one was more caring spending nothing but communication
With his family, that he fully supports and was lacking none
It was because of him, on why our sweat were gone
Now we have to work to create nothing fun
For we're suffering since you've been gone.
Miss You So Much Dad :(
Jan 2020 · 66
Beauty Within Itself
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Her eyes, They shine through my blue skies
Her voice, beautifully endures the midnight shines
Her words, gives more into touch for this kind
Her face, it lightens up my darkest days
Her lips, cares for me with her humorous rays
Her hair, reflects beauty that matches no pay
Herself, it is scientifically unexplainable
At least that's would Albert Einstein would probably say
You deserve time's so great
No one would reject a minute everyday
To let you leave alone with such attention and grace
Within her beauty coming along with those nicest dress
Those one that God has blessed,
For no one can let you rest in such a palace with mess
Effort, you deserve it with men's feelings pressed
They'll try to do their best and impress
For a girl locking with Loveliness at its finest
For your probably the greatest,
Your voices, a sound that's enjoyed by the ascended crest
The moon a star in the darkest,
It's like you, but you've not been founded
By the science considered the smartest
No One can deny a face so majestic
A Legendary creature created by only God's magic
A face created, for deserving memories so nostalgic,
Is a girl with a glorious look existing only in epics.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
I only wish not to be fat, so food do not riot!
I don't want to see such fats in my diet
Being healthy and striving for years
I doubt it will happen, For I already saw a lot of it this new year.
This is a poem I used for a comedic contest in Don't take it too seriously, it is for comedy and to entertain people.
Jan 2020 · 168
Cutie Pie
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
With those cute eyes within bright lights,
It's the looks that covers my night sky
Too cute to be true,
Your a rare creature that can fit in any shoe

Puppies, adorable paws and total cuties
Are the little dogs that makes everyone happy
A little nose with cute a sneeze
And a "tough" bark but sounds squeaky

Your wagging tail and feet running look walk
Looks so ****** as cutely you talk
Cuteness overloads with your teary looking eyes
My baby, and cutie pie.
Jan 2020 · 115
Cutie Pie
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
With those cute eyes within bright lights,
It's the looks that covers my night sky
Too cute to be true,
Your a rare creature that can fit in any shoe

Puppies, adorable paws and total cuties
Are the little dogs that makes everyone happy
A little nose with cute a sneeze
And a "tough" bark but sounds squeaky

Your wagging tail and feet running look walk
Looks so ****** as cutely you talk
Cuteness overloads with your teary looking eyes
My baby, and cutie pie.
Jan 2020 · 95
Now That We're Together
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
No one can destroy this relationship now
No one can disturbed our love, How?
Because we love each other told by our eyebrows
Our world has us king and queen crowned
This fantasy world of ours starts with a bow
We will create our own kingdoms
We will control our own reasons
Our own houses, and our family's freedom
As we scatter in this world with the children on the run
We realized from the first day that these will be done
I love you, and you love me, no can hurt this beautiful family
I can see it in your eyes with the birds on the fly
That you trust me, and your trustworthy
Within our love for two, our hearts are definitely happy
Living with only you, with a girl so pretty
And a man who's hardworking, at least for you baby
No one can deny or love for each other
No Strong snowflakes can make us shiver
No one can destroy our love, long lasting forever
For I am contended, now that we're together.
Jan 2020 · 290
Messed Up Endings
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Great works, and definitely Captivating words
When I was trying on, but got treated like turds
I never expected to be rejected within the birds
It struck like a lighting, an unexpected shot
Burst down in my deepest guts till it rot
I believe that I may have won, except for someone's not
Stupid rules, drove me crazy from grabbing the gold
Your selfish heart give chills in the atmosphere's so cold
"Join us", I'll never trust this person again
My effort apparently has a ****** end
You know who you are, and you should know what's best
The community's nothing without you, so why don't you just rest
Till this "love, pain, & poetry" becomes less,
Less than a thrashed out old bird nest  
I thought I had the chance with an awesome luck
But no, I was rejected getting hit by a truck
I could probably win anyways by giving you a buck
While your self-centered, greediness snuck,
Someone's doing there best to get a heart struck
By Great words, and effort unending
You only chooses to the group your loving
How about those ones who were really trying,
Only ended in such messed up endings
Jan 2020 · 45
These Caring Emotions
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
You told me that you didn't want him anymore
"It blasted scars, and what to talk to for"
You've added as I was surprised such type of court
A Mutual understanding you thought would be going north,
Fell into one of your darkest secrets aboard
Don't worry though I'm here for you
Despite all the world's cruelest dudes
I'll help you get them through
So that these caring emotions will be helping you too
I always care about you, despite this temperature fries
I'm always here for you, despite your slow replies
I always care about you, despite my stupid lines
I'm always here for you, despite the worst lies
Carrying around you, I'll support your cries
Despite maybe Ken flies as his hatred arise
I'll be here for you knowing he really despise
A Great Girl deserving more eyes
Instead she got months of something ending in a heart of ice
This man despite having such little of eyes
Have a strong jaw like those little mice
You thought that he maybe nice
But the truth yo, he only wants your "Golden Prize"
Don't worry that dude ain't coming back
Good thing you were okay despite your heart's black
But now I hope your doing really alright
For these Caring emotions really keeps its sight.
Jan 2020 · 94
Shivering without you
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
It's really hard now that you're gone
My emotions now have vanished and I'm Probably done
Nowhere to go, I'm lost with none
Without you here no one can give beauty upon
No support in my life everyday
You're the only reason why I try not to fail
You inspire me with the lovely words you say
But now that you're gone, I'm lost in my way
I wanted you back honestly I say
For you're the reason on which I may,
Succeed in life with your inspiration in the sway
Instead I only fell to my pride which I can't pay
Our time may be short as you being my boo
You loved me for like a year or two,
When we we're believing love was true
My pride arise, now I'm shivering here without you.
Jan 2020 · 92
Reaching For Your Eyes
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
I've been searching the skies trying to find the rainbow
When something caught my attention, Oh No!
I screamed as a lady shouted when her books fell off the ground
I sprinted like a jaguar to reach her safe and sound
We both grabbed the books at the same time
While we both stare realizing if "Are You Fine"
But that question becomes more into "Are You Mine"
As we get along together in Father's Time
We both liked poetry and created our own rhymes
Our Rhythm were both awesome and we liked it
No one can beat our stars looking to fit
In our hearts, as this art, where lovers carve
For their future's continues to starve
To be with a person truly deserving a reward
We then had a date to where we first created,
"That Moment" I also remembered "The skies",
As I was then searching for the rainbow,
I invited you there as our hearts arise
We saw clouds and some rumored lies
We knew each other well so we also flied kites
In the blue sky, Where I now realized the rainbow is your eyes.
Jan 2020 · 64
Love Story
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
We we're both young when the so-called love struck us
I spent my time buying attention from you plus
I'd never brought selfishness to create rust
I want this to become a dream not a bust
For you only baby I'd travel to mars
As I dreamt buying you chocolate and cars
You should only be my baby boo crush
For no one accepted me more when you rushed
I know you love me too and I also love you
Our parents may not want us both two
I would definitely argue, for our love is just so good to be true
I want this relationship to take a level or two
So that I can live my future with our family
Both of us wants to live happily
You and Me together with no worries
I am contended with you and our baby
No one can end this roughly
Despite going slowly, it's still not worth being risky
As I don't want to end up being lonely
And I want to be with you continuing this Love Story.
Dec 2019 · 139
Decade's End
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
Can't believe the 10s is nearly over
All the memories living are still remembered
Playing all flash games in the computer
While my mom tells me if the game's over
I had to sleep as my eyes were covered
Everyone was playing Fireworks
Everyone would find Swift's songs as they research
But they also recognized a feud with Katy
I was continuing to watch Mordecai and Rigby
In that regular show airing nightly
How about those Ben 10 Omniverse aliens
Those were good times as my mom brought me crayons
Going in school everyday, never want to miss both classmates,
And the class itself, so I was early so much for myself
We danced the nae nae as some twerked like Miley
They'd pull off a gross one despite living with the elementary
They'd sing Gangnam Style and Gentlemen everywhere
It's a dumb dance but who cares?
Everyone still swears, but I didn't want to hear it
Pewdiepie kept doing it though during his Happy Wheels' vid
So did markiplier who's channel suddenly flipped
Flossing and dancing with Harlem shake playing
All were singing despite barely knowing
Love was still simple as not much were texting
Everyone just loved the overall decade
I enjoyed it especially the first half for it felt like an arcade
As I will remember this for more of my ages.
Dec 2019 · 231
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
This man never gives up despite being a middle-level
He was always underrated but never rebelled
Gives his all despite fans never giving him labels
An elite sign he was like a maple
He pours out his energy night in and out
He never complained or loudly shout
Just being quiet and shut his mouth
It's for the better anyways as his making his right route
Getting better everyday is what work all about
He kept on going despite nothing too vowed
But accepted it still as he was newly crowned
He began to get more attention when skills were getting better
Everyone was beside him thinking he was greater
Everyone believed in him for he carried all weight
All the ones starting from he was a cruiserweight.
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
Since you've been gone, I never had others to talk to
Since we we're done, I never became satisfied being true
Since it has begun, You wanted to forget we've been through
Since Our hearts run, We never talked a minute or two
Since we we're finished, I wanted to you to come back
Since this love vanished, I needed you to give me facts
Since you've ravished, I wanted you to uncover me from black
Since your feelings didn't managed, I hoped you'd soon come back
I thought there would be forever
In my dream, we're only together
We weren't meant for each other
For your love never climbed my ladder
I was true, but I didn't know about you
All I knew was that barely any messages after our feud
You left me with tears but I came unto you, saying
"Believe Me, I was never happy without you".
Dec 2019 · 189
Once In A Million Chances
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
You live your life to achieve your dreams
But how about when these dreams became true
As fast as a laser beam, it struck you
And You don't know how to get it through
How to pick up this chance, as far as you knew
This is only something you'd consider as a joke
Because it was something new,
You should never underestimate this star just flew
For it may end a bad luck in your future too
So what do you do, when this poem pressures you
What do you do if every one else pushes you
And you get to succeed but do not know what to do next
How do you get a contract from a company's text
How do you become the best among the rest, when
Once In a million chances you never do your best.
Dec 2019 · 111
This World Of Ours
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
It's you, yes it's you
Who helped me get it through
Through my darkest days and midnight blues
You were always there for me being true

I never wanted someone else except for you
For you light up my world and it became new
No one stands out more than our crew
Because we we're there every time despite being few

I know now how special you really are
That's why I can already see your happy face from afar
I want to spent hours to be with you in my car
As we drive the night away beyond the stars

No one can replace your Guidance every hour
Your like my mom who prevents me from entering a bar
You always know the best for me and you
That's why I consider this world ours.
Dec 2019 · 111
Her Excuses
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
I once thought of a girl
She was my friend for she made me a world,
That I thought would continue for more
But it just went falling from her one word
Wait! She is going to watch some love birds
On Tv as I check up on her, but once more.
Wait! She said she's busy doing some for
Her Dissatisfaction for my everyday call.
Wait! Again she brought forth
She broke my heart telling me about force.
Force, To get me out of her phone
I thought I sat on her throne
But sadly I was only prone
I Loved you and we we're believing
You said I was worth it from your loving
Instead I was only worth it from your excuses
You Lied and I just went back from my sight
Our hearts never talked again as both went flight
It went from your beauty to white
For I have erased your "Waits" in my mind.
Dec 2019 · 71
When We We're Us
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
Talking lately to some other people
Getting bored and bored till I'm crippled
I am waiting for a female to settle
There you came as we reached our levels
Our attitudes talked, and was meant to be
You texted me goodnight, I replied with baby
As our conversation was great and savory,
The next day you called me out honey
This friendship now is very juicy
A day then came after our yearly anniversary,
I texted you what's up,
And waited for some hours as you became active
You said wait a minute because of somebody
Replied ok, as long as it would make you happy
Some hours passed out and it was 9:30
When I texted again, what's up cupcake?
You said you were talking to the same guy,
followed by, For Mankind's Sake!
I was offended, but let it passed through
As I slept through the night thinking the case between me and
You first got on and saw my last message "Goodnight Boo"
Despite replying I love you, or any too,
You ignored the case for me and you
It was unusual especially it's year 2,
I checked your stories out, and saw him being true
He was beside my baby, and I was jealous
Swiftly I talked to you while being fearless,
"Why do you have to be so selfish" I said,
While she just ignored me acting like nothing happened
I guess I'm just too selfless to let my heart rest
For I never predicted that you would make me a mess.
Dec 2019 · 124
Three Lines From You
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
You said "I love you", and I said it too
You said "I hate you", but I didn't do
Couldn't accept it within my blues, my boo.
Dec 2019 · 97
What A Fat Man Can Do
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
No one really believes in her
She's just barely something and even was dumber,
Than a fat man sitting in a couch getting fatter
Just watching tv not knowing he became a father
The girl works and tries her best
But the rest, was much better
Better than what she accomplished in a month
And she just cried while cold heart of hers' shivers
She sat on the her chair in school, As a rich man approached her
He saw what happened and tries to convince her,
To come with him so that she can take care of her
She didn't had a house nor a family and she only sleeps in the streets
But the man said "Never"
Will I forsake you and You'll become my daughter
She said yes Father, as the man drove her home
She noticed big gates were protecting the Home,
And the Girl never departed from such "Tomb"
A house of terrors, as the man was actually a notorious killer
A Convict, he admitted it during the girl's nightmare
She woke up and realized the dream from her
The Man grabbed her and tied her into a chair
The Man told her, " I will be back to get weapons for your tear"
When the man left, the girl shouted and shouted
A Couch potato heard it, a fat man who spent a life being lazy
Finally did something related to energy
He fought through barriers and traps from his strategies
He swooped into the girl's room
He grabbed her and brought her as fast as ZOOM!
They stayed their until the convict's emotions went boom,
Then. Both tell their identities, and both noticed something funny
They looked into the mirror as the Guy's mentality became happy
He remembered an accident, that created him a baby
And it ended it them living happily.
Dec 2019 · 56
Affection 24/7
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
Your eyes, they shine bright like the stars
As I close my eyes, Your kisses heal my scars
Your Beauty, I capture afar
I can see it within you, as I like to call you my love
I'd spend the day talking to you despite I'm rough
I love you too, and nothing stands out above
It's You that makes me happy, for your longing call covers my insanity
And It's only you that accepts me when I'm ready.
Dec 2019 · 90
Escaping From Breathing
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
Currently in the state of my mind is thinking
Life resurgent, because all is missing
But How am I suppose to get things going?
When I can't be myself living
They say life is easy but what has happened?
My rough life, tough times and I'm barely breathing
One day I know I can escape from respirating
Letting everyone know that my mind is bleeding
To capture all attention and to forget the problem
For they barely know what I'm truly feeling,
I can't escape this dimension, but I still am trying
Trying to leave this life so that I'll be forgotten
Going back to dust where I've firstly founded
Carrying all the loads and holding into nothing
Currently in the state of my mind is thinking
Life resurgent, because all is missing
But How am I suppose to get things going?
When I can't be myself living
They say life is easy but what has happened?
My rough life, tough times and I'm barely breathing
One day I know I can escape from respirating
Letting everyone know that my mind is bleeding
To capture all attention and to forget the problem
For they barely know what I'm truly feeling,
I can't escape this dimension, but I still am trying
Trying to leave this life so that I'll be forgotten
Going back to dust where I've firstly founded
Carrying all the loads and holding into nothing
Everything around me is everyone's anything
Never liked it and it's barely even something,
Because they'll just use it to just destroy everything
What's the point of understanding
When we only keep forgetting
What's the point of loving
When this world is full of hatred
What's the point of even trying
When One just keeps on losing
And What's the point of being true
When you could just trade this life for something new.
Dec 2019 · 122
The Skyscraper's Beauty
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
A Gorgeous Face in the deep
Longing for your dear face, as I weep
For what did I do that made you sweep
This Prince of yours that you may keep
I always wanted to be with you despite my feet
May be poor, but I'll be truly sweet
To you O' dear love I' d conquer the streaks
Of you're list of men you've flipped
I'm here waiting despite it's midnight
Waiting a smile light my skylight
As the sun comes and bring its sunlight,
Your natural beauty captures my sight
And so did your father's might
As he gave me no permission to take your heart's flight
You know I would do anything to fight
So I used the remainder of the year to just fly kites
As We've finally met our eyes, destructed fright
For you said yes despite I'm 45
You call me love, and I call you baby
We took kisses from our daily beauty
And you've accepted me despite being not too pretty.
Dec 2019 · 93
Wherever You Are
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
We first saw each other in school
I met you and you said I was somewhat cool
Felt good and it struck my soul
Immediately went to you and hoped our hearts rule
Cause from that point on I'm nothing you
I live here with your name on my pool
Looking for you to come until the night's droel
You didn't come and I thought I was a tool
I saw you with a note on a stool
Your body covered and blood was full
My does this world have to be cruel
Someone massacred such a a beauty with no clue
I cried and cried why does it have to be her
Grabbed you and brought you home
Read the note and it said I love you
I want to follow too, becaus I need you
I grabbed a knife as the night was dark blue
Laid you in the pool where you said we'd met into
With a stab, my breath took away, I want to be true
And we never left there as our hearts firstly knew.
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