Aug 18, 2014

It's early,
And yet I see the faint glimmer of the future,
It's undulating just over the horizon like a sea cow;
Adorable and ignorant.
A heavy beast, capable of violence,
And in need of protection.
I hope I have the strength.

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Yet you were like the warm belly of a manatee
Aug 25, 2010

The shouting face of the sea
Ravages rocks on the toes of the beach
Seashells glued to glass
laminate the reflecting rays of the baking sun  
A pebble preaches to a mountain
Underneath an electric dream
Galvanize my heart,
It needs a jump-start
Stuck in a frozen tundra of fallacy
Chasing broken tragedies
I told her
I tried
Nothing seems to change the mind
So I guess I’ll have to lie
Praying a lion’s smile
captures her immaculate eyes
But my summer’s luck lacks the ability to clear cloudy skies
Now I am alone in a misty meadow
With taciturn trees
Yet you were like the warm belly of a manatee
And I was a calloused heart  hoping for a remedy

the manatee eats and shits
Aug 9, 2012

Fat and disgusting,
the manatee eats and shits
with endangered grace.

Choreographed fits
awaken society
to its slow decline.

Politicians race
to win the seat but forget
how to act like men.

Why isn't there a
sociopath filter built
into the system?

whistle, a manatee surfaced
Apr 20, 2013

sometimes i like to remember when i ran
cross-country in the fall last year.
we always started at the park on first,
then took the sidewalk that
followed the water, all the way
to the fine arts museum and
back.  we started precisely at
five thirty every day.

but once, before coach blew the
whistle, a manatee surfaced
just by the boarding dock.
he swam beside the wall, until
he was just underneath us.
he wasn't majestic or
breathtaking, or anything special-

just another manatee.
but he was enough
to make us stop, even coach.
he was enough to make us smile.

because he was right, there are absolutely not enough poems about manatees.
so here is one, even if it's bad.  true story, though, the manatee had two friends and my team and i watched them for a good five minutes.
when i was in eighth grade, our teachers took us on a trip to swim with the manatees.  we strapped up in wet-suits in went the middle of winter, and it was freezing, but so worth it.  we weren't allowed to follow them or anything, but they were curious, and if they came up to us, we could do whatever.  i got to pet, like, six manatees that day.  i didn't really like manatees all that much up until that point.  one of them was all scarred up from boat propellers, and when i pet him, i could feel the scar tissue and it broke my heart but he was so happy and sweet and it was really incredible.  moments like that make me love living in florida.
I want to see a manatee just to tell them so they know there's
Steven Langhorst

I want to see a manatee just to tell them so they know there's people in humanity who know the insanity of extinction

To be driven to the edge of existence offering all you know of resistance in the form of educated insistence against the flow of the tide

Because the world no longer has time for mellow to suggest it would be like an Odd Fellow full of truths to be told

As extinction unfolds records shatter while humans natter with acidic tongues
The manatee graze on organic matter on the surface not above the fray but immersed in it
A daydream away

Marie Word
Marie Word
Nov 4, 2013

An illusionist by trade, he
Could transport her from where she stands
To a magical spring rumored
To harbor manatees that turn
Into mermaids under the sun.

He needs only one volunteer
To help him spin the great machine
Until its wheels move too quickly
To see the metal spokes between
Its three hubs and rotating rims.

Two persons, four legs, and three wheels,
Travel through time and cross the space
Between the parking lot and springs –
Voila! All appear safe and sound
At the edge of Wakulla’s gem.

And in a moment – close your eyes!
Now open them to see the sun
Shining for the first time all day,
All the way down to the bottom
Where the manatees swim and dream.

The mammoth manatees awake
And begin to grow back their scales.
They transform and wait patiently
For the human girl to toss her
Wished-upon shell into the spring.

She finds the one and makes a wish,
Then closes her eyes once again,
While the practiced illusionist
Works his magic hidden by smoke,
And the shell falls from her fingers.

It floats to the coldest waters,
Slowly shifting back and forth as
Though it were swimming – and it is!
Transformed into a mystical
Creature, it sets the mermaids free.

The human girl jumps up and down
With glee at the beautiful sight:
Shimmering scales and flowing hair
Dart through water in their delight
And invite her to join and play.

The girl jumps in and kicks her feet
But must come up for air to breathe.
The illusionist watches this
From the sandy shore and he – Poof!
Bubbles at her feet slowly form

Into one glittering green tail
And her hair grows several feet,
Turning to gold under water.
The girl smiles wide and dives to
Join the joyful, playful mermaids.

They jump and swim and practice tricks,
Splashing around under the sun,
But the girl missed her life on shore
And looked longingly at the sand.
The illusionist saw this, too.

Since she had been the one to free
The mermaids from their trapped bodies,
He thought to grant her one last wish
And with a puff of brim fire smoke,
She was transported back to shore.

Her adventure complete, she spun
The wheels of the illusionist’s
Magic machine and was brought home
With the help of her companion,
The great entertainer himself.

my Manatee is growing restless
James Shasha
May 17, 2010

Exploring unforseen frontiers,
the Basil Confederate meets
a prayer called Monday.
Huddle your anticipation,
my Manatee is growing restless

a New Revolution Poem
"OH! It's a manatee."
Dream Weaver
Dream Weaver
Aug 27, 2012

You stop what you are saying
as you stare at me...
You then say, "Well,
what of Humanity?"

My eyes go wide
as I reply, "Why?"
You say back to me,

"OH! It's a manatee."

Daddy D
Daddy D
Jan 25, 2014

Instant message them

Gigi Tiji
Gigi Tiji
Dec 8, 2014

I'm nibbling sunshine fantasies on psychedelic manatees
as I swim through formalities and mudpits of vanity
while temper approaches maximum capacity
I pray for no casualties

I'm dribbling periwinkle moonshine daffodils
as I crawl through sweltering deserts of dis-ease and sunchills
they're a bothersome blister singing softly to a dragon
they're a kaleidescope periscope horoscope for the dead

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