Oh! yes infinity exists
The rage that turned to care told me this,
I saw her as the light
I allowed her to ignite
She was the first
To love to care about
But deprived of her love
That he demanded in return
We shall meet somewhere out beyond
Infinity, infinity she said
But how to tell her
every thing she says defines that word,
Oh yes infinity, it do exist
The lovers shall meet there..
In less time for each other.!!

Leia R
Leia R
Dec 22, 2016

my love for you is like the heavy beating of a falcon's wings
it is the sun that shines over the white-capped mountains
it's rays peeking through the valley just to lay upon your face
the rushing waters of even the greatest rivers call out your name as if it were a prayer upon their fluid lips


Many Feminists would say
That Romanticism is preferable
Over just plain old
After all,
Pornography objectifies women.
Women are more than things.
Excessive Romanticism makes one
Sexy images
Sharpen the mind

Tamara Fraser
Tamara Fraser
Nov 4, 2016

A warmth I can’t equate

to anything that

blossomed and I could touch as real

in my life to date.

Watching an ocean dance at twilight,

shifting and settling into myself;

a return home

after a long retreat.

Filled as much as one can,

living in a partly broken glass.

A warmth I can’t equate,

that smile that kept the streetlights,

still humming on their own,

late at night.

An absolute joy,

to see me,

that kept the sands still and made

the waves unafraid to keep crashing on.

The light brightening settling eyes,

on me,

like the happiest moment

of any day,

is when I’m right there,

walking along your way.

A warmth I can’t equate,

settled side by side

wrapped in fresh air and

twinkling planets high above,

breathing down a clear night,

on souls forever fixed

in an achingly sweet moment;

watching paths cross,

almost collide,

with words of love and loyalty,

grace, beauty, adoration, bliss,

transfixed on the glimmering promise

of single coloured roses

as gifts

for a sweet girl

you say

and a whimsical romanticism not dead.

A warmth I can’t equate,

how unearthly beautiful

you let me feel

in your eyes;

love professed on empty beaches,

showered attention on a

long-time lonely girl

you melted and folded

into a goddess.

Love professed

for a patched-up

lady singing melodies,

and holding herself together

with decisions scorching her back,

confused nettles of feelings and

obligations, allowances,

grievances and sadness

bearing a weight on her slender shoulders;

She’s a creature holding aloft all the

wonders and hearts of decisions left to face.

A warmth I can’t equate,

as I am

the protagonist always

failing to make the right decision,

lost and redeemed and burdened

in every instalment;

no one has made me feel as wondrous

and special,

in all the times I’ve had lovers sit before me.

But this protagonist,

has not had the greatest

trove of romances, nor the heart

to carry much more fears;

pieces are given away,

in every extended touch and heartbeat,

so please beware,

what’s left.

A warmth I can’t equate,

right now, lost in every state,

but hope I can at least reciprocate,

in some way after healing has mended

and stitched

and time has played it’s course to warm cold feet.

This lady is afraid,

of how quickly you might have fallen,

for all her wise, sad songs.

A sweet, unsettling fantasy made reality.

But she knows.

Of this warmth.

No one can really equate.

I wanted her, but she didn't want me.
I loved her, but she care  for me.
So, I simply kept her photo on file somewhere,
And used it
To write lousy romantic poetry.

I am just composing this poem
Before the End of the World
To show you how much I love you
Even if
It don't make no difference at all.

Cecelia Francis
Cecelia Francis
Jun 27, 2016

The sky would darken
to a terrible color.

It would tear
and bare orange
wounds as hail

like stars on fire fell
from the gaping sky

I was dying to get to know her.
I was dying to fall in love with her
I was dying to touch
Her hot,
Perfectly shaped body.
I was just in the Hospital
Because I forgot about Good Nutrition
I forgot to exercise.
I neglected my Health
Just to show my love
For her.

How is it!
My world revolves around a circle, my darling
If I go, was forced to return,
I can not go beyond the boundaries of
A visible tension,
All those separated from me,  darling
Attracts towards the center point

I'm far away from you
Sure end position outside of the ring,
Centripetal force does not let me go
A Mist,
A Shadow,
Drags me always as a  Classic Music
I'm a prisoner,
A prisoner! my dear

An imprisonment set boundaries,
Set the Time also
I have your picture in the sky,
Smell in the air,
Forms in my eyes,
I think the eternal words of yours, repeatedly
So, I'm a prisoner forever, darling

You are not in front of me
There is a long time
You do not keep in touch of mine
In the darkness
I see a silhouette of yours, dear
Call me
Say Love,
Sing a forever love Song,
My long sighs grew smaller,
Turn to very breath of-
Phase of loneliness as a prisoner is released
I dreamed again-
And discovered myself in your arms!
@Musfiq us shaleheen

#love   #lonely   #feel   #romanticism  
George Francis
George Francis
Apr 11, 2016

paper boy.
write the words you want to read on my surface
turn me into the novel you want to lose yourself in
write your prayers in cursive and have me wearing my praise for you,
wearing my faith in you,
my heart on my envelope sleeve.
my absolute trust
that you will not rip me into pieces and scatter me on a parting wind;
if you burn me, please remember to blow me out.

paper boy, paper boy.
i'm not strong enough to last for very long
you can see all of my creases, my ripped edges, my stains;
but i can keep your secrets folded into myself
and i promise you, your words will remain
just try to keep my dry
my inky blackness tends to spill when my eyes are leaking

paper boy.
if you want to upgrade to something with a metal spine
more hard drive, durability
i'll understand
you only have to write your breakup songs upon my chest
and i'll take those lyrics to the grave with me
when you lay my tattered shreds to rest

i don't know
i tend to write spur-of-the-moment things and neglect to ever edit them
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