Even And All The Time

God is giving out
Evenly and all the time.

Evenly and all the time
Through Law and laws,
A clout, a shout, no hanging about;
Efficient, effective and quick.

A seeming quirk that never quits:
The nature of God,
Nature of God,
An Absolute absolutely.

Even And All The Time 3.18.2017
God Book II;
Arlene Corwin
      For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t

For those who can’t or won’t believe…
Refusal, aptitudinal deficiency;
A lack of interest or an inability
To think it through
And come to That conclusion.
I look up to all,
Roads leading in the end to Rome,
The roaming in us all.

For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t 3.18.2017
God Book II;
Arlene Corwin

Those who get it,get it.  Those who don't, don't.
#it   #who   #get   #dont   #those  

No, we can't get enough,
Of our concept of love,
Fleeting glances, tough,
Drown in your eyes, love,
Do you want mouth to mouth,
Is there a snog for you, down south?
No, we can't get enough,
Of our own concept of love.....

Feedback welcome...
#cant   #get   #enough  

Living in a world full of hate will get us no where--
In this life, you got to make the best of what you're given.
For only you control you--
Everyone comes into this world the same, getting a

Chance at life
And sometimes people struggle, but that's okay.
No body is prefect. We all make mistakes, it's better
To learn from them and not ignore that they happened.

Go ahead, live your life and just remember
Everyone is going
Through it as well.

Make the best of each day and try to
Understand how others might have to live-sometimes we don't get to
Choose where we're born and
Have to struggle for many, many years to get to an okay life.

Be positive with others and "keep your
Eyes wide open"
Things will get better-- "sometimes before it gets better,
The darkness gets bigger."

Each day, try your best and just be you!

An acrostic I wrote earlier today and edited tonight.
Title from Good Charlotte.
Quotes from Sabrina Carpenter and Fall Out Boy.
Never give up, just be who you are!
McNally/Flanders, Inc. 2017
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Feb 28

Fairly out of reach, deeply unsatisfied.
I don't know why you keep me around,
I don't know why you keep me on your mind.
Carry me around like some precious thing,
why don't you wipe me from your memory?
I promise it'd all be over soon,
you wouldn't have to feel this way
if you would just leave me back there
and get going, get going real quick.

#get   #going  

Spent so much sweet time with you,
On a lonely road I'm travelling now.
Oh, well past is the happy scenery,
Now I gladly refuse to move on.

I know that moving on I will be sad.

What I desire and deserve is you,
I am not an ascetic here, you see,
Laugh will my horrors sarcastically,
Laugh along the devil they will sadistically.

Which is why I gladly refuse,
Inch I will closer to hell,
Now I just work on myself.

Your iron heart I do love,
On a Sunday you were created,
Unbelievable is this story,
Rows of roses in your honour.

Hope is on a backseat, you know,
Earn I will more than money,
Art of war I will mend & luck will bend,
Roar my life will do when I am happy,
Tint of glasses will help view my launch.

And you may embolden all your defences,
Golden hues of my heart will complement,
Amazing will be our next meeting,
Into your heart I will be breaching,
Not just for some time but for a lifetime.

I won't move on unless you get married to someone else who deserves you more than I do.

My HP Poem #1452
©Atul Kaushal
#not   #i   #you   #on   #get   #will   #move   #till   #married  

The things you want to find,
you can't set out to get.
They will come in time,
to seek is to regret.

Michael Robert Triska copyright 2017
#regret   #time   #find   #get   #seek  

My beloved wants me to take her in arms
When moon just blooms and stars shine
I see her style, charms and graces in norms
My beloved wants me to take her like wine

She tells me to hold her tight to embrace
To kiss and caress her beauty like light
To be eye to eye and to play face to face  
To get all pleasure and to get all delight

My sweetheart let us be together on path
To enjoy life just from moment to moment
My heart has become fire as burning hearth
In a graceful mood,journey remains pleasant

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#delight   #get  
Shannon Lee Rohn
Shannon Lee Rohn
Dec 23, 2016

Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up, because nobody else will,
Sometimes we have to build walls that nobody else can build,
Other times we let people in the barriers of our shield,
And sometimes we break down our wall without first being healed.
God, give me the strength to fight another day,
And change my mind when my heart stands in the way.
Sometimes we struggle after we fall,
Sometimes standing alone is better than having nobody at all.
Thank you God, for taking over when I was ready to give up and break down,
You waited patiently til I was ready to be found,
I give to you my breath, I give to you my all,
Thank you for standing here waiting for me to call,
Sometimes we must let go of what is only extra weight,
Other times we give up before it's too late,
And everything good in us, turns to hate.
Thank you God, for being my strength.

#life   #god   #up   #live   #get  
Julie Grenness
Dec 18, 2016

How to get off the treadmill,
We've all been workers, through the mill,
In golden days, we step back,
Cut all the young ones some slack,
Their time for the great Oz dream,
Is the economy what it seems?
At our age we've been through the mill,
Our golden years, off the treadmill....

Feedback welcome.
#time   #the   #to   #get   #off   #treadmill  
the lost girl
the lost girl
Dec 9, 2016

He used to fly around me
    but he should've known
it is the kingdom of my fears
even the birds get lost in here

#lost   #in   #birds   #get   #peru  
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