My beloved wants me to take her in arms
When moon just blooms and stars shine
I see her style, charms and graces in norms
My beloved wants me to take her like wine

She tells me to hold her tight to embrace
To kiss and caress her beauty like light
To be eye to eye and to play face to face  
To get all pleasure and to get all delight

My sweetheart let us be together on path
To enjoy life just from moment to moment
My heart has become fire as burning hearth
In a graceful mood,journey remains pleasant

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

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Shannon Lee Rohn
Shannon Lee Rohn
Dec 23, 2016

Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up, because nobody else will,
Sometimes we have to build walls that nobody else can build,
Other times we let people in the barriers of our shield,
And sometimes we break down our wall without first being healed.
God, give me the strength to fight another day,
And change my mind when my heart stands in the way.
Sometimes we struggle after we fall,
Sometimes standing alone is better than having nobody at all.
Thank you God, for taking over when I was ready to give up and break down,
You waited patiently til I was ready to be found,
I give to you my breath, I give to you my all,
Thank you for standing here waiting for me to call,
Sometimes we must let go of what is only extra weight,
Other times we give up before it's too late,
And everything good in us, turns to hate.
Thank you God, for being my strength.

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Julie Grenness
Dec 18, 2016

How to get off the treadmill,
We've all been workers, through the mill,
In golden days, we step back,
Cut all the young ones some slack,
Their time for the great Oz dream,
Is the economy what it seems?
At our age we've been through the mill,
Our golden years, off the treadmill....

Feedback welcome.
#time   #the   #to   #get   #off   #treadmill  
the lost girl
the lost girl
Dec 9, 2016

He used to fly around me
    but he should've known
it is the kingdom of my fears
even the birds get lost in here

#lost   #in   #birds   #get   #peru  
My Dearest Reno
My Dearest Reno
Dec 2, 2016

something, something basket of potatoes

tried for the life of this strange, quiet soul

dumb tipped head, cocked brow, silly me

point i miss repeatedly, you extend to me

you i forgive, when all has been forgiven

may be my shadow, i'm thick in the head

told you, the short bus
that is the easy part...
#i   #face   #get   #that  
Sylus Fox
Sylus Fox
Oct 14, 2016

Your lips touched mine
and fireworks went off
every sense was heightened
and I could taste your heart.
Now every kiss tastes dull
and you're lips are pressed
to someone else's
but the feeling still lingers
on my tongue like poison
I'm trying so hard to replace
the tender touches and
your hands in my hair.
I pretend not to care as I
see her head rested on your chest
but I can't unlove you
and I can't forget the taste
of your heart on my tongue

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #depression   #kisses   #poison   #over   #get   #taste   #gettingover  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Oct 13, 2016

It was just a beginner's trial for her,
But the breakup was a swansong for me.

Now just no more future breakups for me,
I know not where the experiments will land her.

A phobia of breakups is what my life has become,
When I get well settled in my life I won't need anyone.

HP Poem #1178
©Atul Kaushal
#relationship   #i   #the   #what   #was   #now   #get  
Oct 10, 2016

Winter weather Snow while in the Do is the Sabian Symbolic representation to the Twenty sixth degree of Gemini. Here it is referred to using the 7 Text Program : a method of learning the intricacy regarding people interactions that may be applied to all aspects of self-awareness and romantic relationship, so you quickly improve your viewpoints and get to some deep sense of how you can increase items. Have you ever believed your star hint, even if it will give you a huge amount of more knowledge about a person, won't absolutely identify an individual extremely specifically?

Not necessarily in a astonishingly remarkable approach formulates the complete regarding daily life to ensure that it should appear so adjusted from that point on. Effectively, consider these kinds of Sabian Designs ?they can nicely cause you to be observe issues diversely! Your Sabian tactic is really very unique. Free Photo Recovery Software To would like to learn what will be these emblems? Sabian Symbols are generally Three hundred and sixty different photos ?just one for each and every amount of a zodiac ?that were with ease found by a girl, Elsie Wheeler, in addition to unravelled simply by a famous astrologer, Physician Marc Edmund Jones. Every one supplies a delicate clue with regards to the key a sense of which degree, which could reach the bottom part with many very helpful along with provoking awareness to suit your needs.

It works regardless of whether it never your specific stage ?but yet a lot better when it is. The idea far better allow all by yourself a chance to apply it slowly but surely, like a meditating. Enable all the limited lines drain within slowly and attempt to experience just what it suggests, and making use of the mindr merely sit down with all the illustrations or photos for quite a while and employ the strength of creativity to develop several lively reports about this. (You can find your individual Sabian Symbol by following the link listed below) Acquiring go to a new realizations around the quality with who you really are, there is an additional period it is possible to undertake ?to choose for being distinct. You can impact far more within your scenarios compared to you generally carry out when you have interaction fully while using inward part of your personality, by using to the traits indicated by your current Sabian mark. And if you might be more clear about what you are, then you certainly develop into a lot more a number of in regards to what you need out of living. You may fixed your objectives based on a standard eyesight with the problem, and therefore on its own leads to a much greater prospects for achievements. It may help having target so that you will maintain the focus resolved to the needed consequence. Reading your own Sabian

Mark is a bit like getting a brother to chat seriously of you. They are aware an individual very well,  How to Get iphone 5 out of recovery mode with your darkish pieces as well as your lighting, even though these people accept you, theyl tell you tough truth! It's not easy to hear, however useful for those people who are trying to become improved people. It could be required to reread it a few times plus consider sincerely by what is definitely being said. There is a whole lot we're able to do with us! Possibilities are limitless and also assorted, every single day getting small signs plus teases so that you can push people to more unfolding with possible. Saying No to that and Yes to that particular surely involves us to believe your sensations in addition to surrender towards the inevitable ?this, can come precisely what could, we all possibly be that we're also: anything, very little a lesser amount of. Magick is often a ordinary tyoe of lifestyle that will need particular area and time limits. Iced the minute has cosmic value and it is a required and enough condition from the fine art. Regular routines connected with homebuilding plus serving ourselves are suitable for secure upkeep of the status quo, whilst the finding of one total probable requires that people engage with the non-ordinary. Mother nature best electric power and sweetness displays people pertaining to such concrete realities considering that by way of example, by means of no more esoteric when compared with work day within temperature plus pressure to make hoar frost, might travel including the most doubtful materialist within wonderment.

Freezing to help demise truley what is completely inadequate is definitely her method. Filter with these transformative instances enables outdated rounds to supply approach to the latest. The beauty can be secondary, the summary human being sentiment; nevertheless can there be some thing splendorous? Somehow the unconventional irreversibility regarding demise increases our a sense of beauty, in addition to increases the idea to be able to non secular amounts. We now have subsequently to view items together with innovative little brown eyes, eyes readied for new periods as well as the natural move with points of views. In this manner all of us generate your mobile phone industry's over and in obedience with the newly enhanced idea. To make all these marvelous minutes, we've nevertheless to position to one side all of our exclusive issues and turn into tuned in to the nice allows associated with everyday living transformative imperatives.
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Her chastity has been taken away by lusty eyes
Her virginity has been molested by lusty dogs
No one is ready to listen just her innocent cries
Useless discussions are on in the company of frogs
Justice is on altar just to see the callous attitude
But no one is there to take the sinners to the task
The dirty ones are all around to play like  shrewd
All types of rascals are roaming wearing the mask

Humanity is nowhere animal instinct is at the rise
Chastity and purity is available but just negligible
In this market there are very less who are the wise
In  chaos and dirty atmosphere how to get an angel

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#angel   #to   #get   #an  
Cecil Miller
Cecil Miller
Sep 17, 2016

When I turn to you for help you are there whenever you can be.
When I've see you are in need of aid,
I have been beside you - I have always.

But there's a limit to the trust
Between the two of us.
Don't take it the hard way,
We get through the hard days.

"If you get my back,
I'll get your back on payday.
When payday comes, maybe you
Can hold on just a little longer,
I swear next time my pay will be stronger.
I can catch you up by mid-month,
If I'm not too tired or busy."

Pay it back now while you still can.
I know what can go down.
We've all been there before.

Don't get mad.
Don't get offended.
If we borrow,
We pay as intended,
Or we don't need to borrow -
Not at all.

There is a different between a pack of smokes and thirty dollars.
I maby could write off five or ten,
But I can't afford to write of fifty.
And I'll never try to shark you.
I hate to have to run it down,
But I'm not The Giving Tree.
I don't want to cut off slivers.
And I don't want to give you shivers.
Don't get cold with me.

"If you get my back,
I'll get your back on payday.
When payday comes, maybe you
Can hold on just a little longer,
I swear next time my pay will be stronger.
I can catch you up by mid-month,
If I'm not too tired or busy."

Pay it back now while you still can.
I know what can go down.
We've all been there before.

When you finally catch up to me
On week number four and day three.

I know that much is going on.
But I've got a lot on my mind, too.
I don't ever want to make you sad.
But when it's time to settle up,
Don't have the nerve to come off mad.

Is it right to make me wait,
One more day when you are passing  by
Four times near my way today.
Longer and longer, I would wait.
Then you pay it back with a houndog face, and an silent plattitude.
and not even a word of thank-you.
No, not one word of gratitude.

To save what there is left to save,
Casual fruendly loans are done.
That doesn't mean I wouldn't save your life.
Look at all the ways you've saved my life.
Get your head out of your feelings.
Know that nothing petty would ever stop this love in my heart I feel for you.
But it's not worth the hassle or the dealing
When you take your sweet time,
Like plans do not matter unless they are yours.

"If you get my back,
I'll get your back on payday.
When payday comes, maybe you
Can hold on just a little longer,
I swear next time my pay will be stronger.
I can catch you up by mid-month,
If I'm not too tired or busy."

Pay it back now while you still can.
I know what can go down.
We've all been there before.

There's no reason I can think of you should think look me up for money, And I won't call on you.
That's the last thing I will do.

But, I'll always want whatever's best for you.

I wrote this number just now in one sitting. It's a song that is self explanitory.
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