1 day ago

i'm counting on my fingers
as you list mistakes you made
but no amount of hands outstretched
could make me more afraid

i tried, we tried, you didn't
as your worth came into view
the person i once knew has changed
now i all see is you

no time for keeping score now
when all's been said and done
i have no more to say to you:
you did it, so i'm done.

I want to think about anything else...

So I think I will...

Fuck you.

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If you're telling me that I'm just running away,
It's just all the more reason for me to go.

This poem-> basic lazy effortless heartless.
But. It's allmyeffort. Buried beneath the surface.

"If it comes back, that's when you'll know."
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Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Jan 31

I have grown impatient,
with being alone,
I'm in the same place,
a mindless drone,
day after day,
as I watch for the phone,
writing treadmill diaries,
spilling poetry,
night after endless night,
absent of touch,
and life giving light,

I'll die without,
or at least die quicker,
like a witch at her wheel,
I finally snicker,
so sleep and light deprived-

You say you need - results?
well here's something you can feel,
I hate to be the one,
but this is as real as real,

I am ready to date someone new,
not a wanton bandit who's like you,
stealing my minutes and thunder,
so you're not stealing any more time,
or pulling me back under,
your shaded curtain of lies,
if I come back,

It will suffocate me to death.

Ma Cherie © 2017

About staying strong and writing out frustration ; ) I can't stand shaded truth..
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Jan 31

i'm constantly reminded
of the love i tried to coax
from a blade.

it reminded me
that i was real.

that no matter how empty
i felt,
i could still feel something.

i got more love from a razor blade
from broken glass
shattered cds
(anything sharp as his wits)

than i ever got from him

and yet somehow,
i'm still clean?

maybe because both of the loves
weren't real.
no matter how alive
they made me feel.

i've been clean for a year and three months. i still don't believe it.
#love   #fake   #selfharm   #over   #scars   #done   #healed  
Jan 31

sometimes i think about you,
and i want to cry until i drown
in self pity and salty tears.

#sad   #end   #tears   #breakup   #lovers   #over   #almost  
Jan 27

i fell for an impossible heartbeat
i could never feel.
spat into a well of despair
to give it a piece of me.

i got tired of crying
of bleeding
of caring
of dripping
with desperation.
love me love me love me love me
emanating from my skin.

i will not be someone
with so much feeling
that i am numb.
that i go through the day
of how crumbled i've become.

so i took a pen and wrote
until the ink
carved you out of my heart
and i felt the
dam rise
and the flooding stop
and the pain trickle away.

oh how wonderful it is to be free.
spilling dreams on
a lined page
and hopes
onto someone new
who isn't you.

don't get me wrong,
i care about you.
you're still my baby blue ford
in a way.
you are still a green light
shining in the distance.

but now, it's daytime here.
and the sun shines brighter here,
so your light
isn't so grand anymore,
you know?

for carr and all the time i freaking wasted
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Jan 21

It's when,
My eyes sting,
Because the air,
So cold,
Because I am outside,
And I'm walking the same trail,
I always go,
By myself,
And it's always fine,
But this time,
It was something else,
I have walked this road alone,
And never felt lonely,
For my heart was comforted,
By the knowledge,
That i have you to lean on,
And then,
I didn't.
So now,
I'm walking alone,
And the difference is,
I feel it.

#friends   #broken   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #heart   #depressed   #over   #walk   #road  

To let people run over me
I have a tendency,
I'm a doormat off sorts
With bristles that are coarse
And the personality to match,
What catch.

#terrible   #bad   #me   #person   #over   #push   #personality   #lame   #tendency   #doormat  
Ana S
Ana S
Jan 14

Night stars
Passing cars
They all go by as blurs
Lying here
Next to her
I felt at peace
As if nothing could ever come between us.
Her arm around me
face inches away from mine.
I could feel her breathing against my skin.
I love you I whisper as we lay her.
I can see her eyes in the dark.
Her beautiful blue-green eyes.
Staring into mine.
I love you too she whispers back.
At that moment I know exactly where I'm supposed to be.
Anywhere including her and me.
We are meant to be together.
Like the day with the night.
Without one there isn't balance.
Night must eventually go away for the sun to rise.
And the sun must go down for night to come around.
Together they work together creating a cycle.
A cycle of balance.
Without her my life would have no balance.
She is my night
I am her day.
Night stars...
Passing cars...
Always meant to stay...

At peace with her
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