2 days ago

It's when,
My eyes sting,
Because the air,
So cold,
Because I am outside,
And I'm walking the same trail,
I always go,
By myself,
And it's always fine,
But this time,
It was something else,
I have walked this road alone,
And never felt lonely,
For my heart was comforted,
By the knowledge,
That i have you to lean on,
And then,
I didn't.
So now,
I'm walking alone,
And the difference is,
I feel it.

#friends   #broken   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #heart   #depressed   #over   #walk   #road  
Dawn Anderson
Dawn Anderson
7 days ago

To let people run over me
I have a tendency,
I'm a doormat off sorts
With bristles that are coarse
And the personality to match,
What catch.

#terrible   #bad   #me   #person   #over   #push   #personality   #lame   #tendency   #doormat  
Ana S
Ana S
Jan 14

Night stars
Passing cars
They all go by as blurs
Lying here
Next to her
I felt at peace
As if nothing could ever come between us.
Her arm around me
face inches away from mine.
I could feel her breathing against my skin.
I love you I whisper as we lay her.
I can see her eyes in the dark.
Her beautiful blue-green eyes.
Staring into mine.
I love you too she whispers back.
At that moment I know exactly where I'm supposed to be.
Anywhere including her and me.
We are meant to be together.
Like the day with the night.
Without one there isn't balance.
Night must eventually go away for the sun to rise.
And the sun must go down for night to come around.
Together they work together creating a cycle.
A cycle of balance.
Without her my life would have no balance.
She is my night
I am her day.
Night stars...
Passing cars...
Always meant to stay...

At peace with her
#love   #girl   #beautiful   #balance   #her   #my   #heels   #head   #over  
Jan 10

An endless trap neglected to be seen
I find myself clinging to the scheme
Conceptual romance, called lunacy
Better things are coming rather slowly
Like the clothes folding

She orchestrates, collecting mishaps in jest
She rose beige and benign into the sunset
On the steps of my home, I noticed a little presage
She then sends galling annals in one text message

Hovering on your lawn
And wretched calls became a bad quest
Soft clouds traipse vastly like coy insects
Sloom the week, stapled to the mattress
My whole life has been nothing but this
Restless, princely, and a sad mess

#depression   #end   #stay   #over   #quest   #trap   #asunder  
Jan 6

A moment of weakness,
Quickly followed by a moment of clarity.
It's true once you did.
But now
You mean nothing to me.

This was years ago.
#love   #broken   #life   #heart   #lost   #years   #over   #moments   #weakness   #clarity  
JR Falk
JR Falk
Jan 6

We are sitting in your car, and we are quiet.
The sun has set and the only illumination is the streetlights of the city I've told you I wanted to show you since the day we met.
For once, we are not holding hands.
Three hours prior we were staring at one another across the top of a table at Qdoba and you assured me things were working out. You assured me that we could continue as we were. This wasn't goodbye.
I assured me you weren't forcing those words, yet three hours later, as we are leaving the city I never got to show you, you are not looking at me.
The day before I would not hesitate to say I love you.
The day before, I would not doubt your touch.
The day before, I explained to you that I do not say "goodbye" when planning to see someone again. "Goodbye" is too permanent a term, "goodbye" is when you can't promise you'll come back.
Now, we are sitting in my basement and you lie on the couch.
I am sitting on the floor.
You're looking at your phone as I look for something to watch on the TV, and you do not seem to care what.
I look for something for you.
As it plays and you watch, I watch how quickly we are fading.
My heart yearns to show to you that I believe we are worth this, but just like the sun faded from the sky and we were overcome by the night sky,
it seemed the light had faded from your eyes and you no longer saw the sky in mine.
I attempt to make my way beside you on the couch, and I soon realize that there's no longer room in your life for two.
I found myself memorizing each freckle on your face,
I found myself remembering the shades of blue your eyes kaleidoscope into when hit by the sun.
I found myself wondering just when they might see sun again,
as I could tell they no longer shone when looking at me.
It was then that I realized my heart was no longer full of love,
it was empty from the lack of reciprocation.
You looked at me as though I held the answers to everything you'd ever asked,
but I feel as though you quickly realized I was an issue, outdated.
You left about midnight.
I kissed you as you left, and I thanked you for coming.
You assured me it wasn't a problem.
I told you that I loved you,
and you told me you loved me, too.
You said "goodnight,"
and for the first time,
I said

My chest feels heavy.
#love   #heartbreak   #lost   #hurt   #goodbye   #breakup   #no   #over   #interest   #disconnect  
JR Falk
JR Falk
Jan 3

I woke up with a sinking feeling,
one I couldn't place.
You quickly told me you were drowning,
and it didn't take long for me to realize that
we were sinking fast.
It was then that I realized it'd be
weeks before I saw your face.
As you abandoned ship,
it hit me that there was only one life jacket between us.
You apologized as you left.
You made it to shore as
I was lost in the undertow.

it's over.

#love   #heartbreak   #alone   #hurt   #breakup   #drowning   #left   #over   #sinking  

Her words were
like fire to my ears,
poison in my veins.
She triggered
something dark
and dangerous
within me.
Something I struggled
to restrain.

There was something
about her
that made me
feel sad and mad
at the same time.
She was a lone soul
stuck in the midst
of a chaos
she had no control over.

(We used to be friends once. I regret not being able to influence her to change her ways. I hope she'll change for the better.)
#friends   #broken   #anger   #past   #friendship   #over   #done   #regrets   #mad   #frenemies  
Karisa Brown
Karisa Brown
Dec 31, 2016

Wasting my day again
Over thinking
All my problems
And asking myself
How I can fix them
Instead of acting
I'm stuck in a loop

#thinking   #over   #kills  
Dec 30, 2016

over thinking about over thinking about over thinking about over thinking

#poem   #short   #sad   #depression   #illness   #anxiety   #thinking   #mental   #over   #lgbt  
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