Do you see the withered rose?
The land is cracked, and
Thorny bushes live.

Do you see the dark cloud?
Do you see the thunder:
Did you hear it?

Do you see the Rainbow?
Do you see the Field of Roses?
The land is rich and fruit,
trees live.
-Elijah Rose ©

first part before cross, second part the cross, third part after the cross and i am the Rose.
#life   #time   #rose   #cross   #jesus  

Crystal beads of sweat
It's the beginning of a flood
Their translucence reveals an anguish
That is growing underneath
Causing them to swell
A great heaviness pulls
There is no resistance
They start a lowly journey
Moved in surrender to greater will
As the purest heart crumbles
One drop follows after another
Forming glistening streaks
Along a spotless brow
The tender heart soon shatters
Under the weight of woe
Drops fall to the ground
Like glistening shards of crystal
Where the beads first surfaced
A single crimson drop forms
It slowly paints a stripe
Down that stainless skin
It rolled along the hairline
Over the cheekbone to the jaw
In a moment of uncertainty
It clung there at the edge
With no alternative to release
The final hold was given up
Like a rose petal it fluttered down
Gently landing in dampened earth
Where sweat and tears first fell
At this silent touch of crimson
Broken crystal drops transformed
Color slowly deepening
Dirt glittering with garnets
Each hearts' filth was covered
But their purity had this stain

Writing on The Walls
A bloodstained handprint
Are you alive to see this
Do your eyes pierce now?
Where the soul sees a mirror?
Oh God why cant they see
Why can't they see
The writing on the walls

Wed like to stay blind
But the rest wont last
Time to break a flatline
And wakeup from your bed

Pray now
You fall on your knees in grief
Do you see what you've been doing?
Do you see what you have left?
Another bloodstained hand print
The writings on the walls

Wed like to stay blind
But the rest wont last
Time to break a flatline
And wakeup from your bed

Press your face to the floor
Don't leave your posture
Don't move a muscle
Your eyes see it now don't they?
You can't hide
The Writings on the wall
The Writings on the wall
The Writings on the wall

The Writings...

John 19:37
#love   #death   #hands   #grace   #murder   #cross   #jesus   #thorns   #nails   #pierced  

Dracula walked a bit after day,
Until he saw really far away
An ugly maiden wearing a cross,
Who never did clean or never floss,
He said: 'Evilness! Don't cross my way!'

#cross   #limerick   #maiden   #dracula  
Alyssa Underwood
Dec 24, 2015

God of heaven, born on earth
Infinite glory here brought forth
First laid upon ignoble straw
Then on a cross to die for all

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God... The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."
 John 1:1,14

#love   #god   #cross   #jesus   #christmas   #messiah   #glory   #humility  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Nov 7, 2016

Love, lust, desire
These are dreams that will become
My own cross to bear

#love   #desire   #haiku   #dreams   #cross   #crux  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Oct 29, 2016

किसी ख्वाब का कभी ऐतबार ना करना,
दोस्ती की हदों को कभी पार मत करना,
खो दोगे उसे हमेशा के लिये,
जो अच्छा लगे उसे कभी प्यार मत करना...

Kisi khwaab ka kabhi aetbaar na karna,
Dosti ki hadon ko kabhi paar mat karna,
Kho doge use hamesha ke liye,
Jo acchha lage use kabhi pyaar mat karna...

Trust merely a dream never,
Cross friendship's limits never,
You will lose them for forever,
Who you like must be loved never...

HP Poem #1227
©Atul Kaushal
#dream   #trust   #friendship   #a   #never   #forever   #cross   #lose   #limits   #merely  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Oct 26, 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

You say,
The waterfall turns bright green when enlightened
By a single tear that whisp away in the ambience of what
The future could bring, but don't go chasing it,
You say,
When you walk you feel the spirits crumble beneath your feet
And dissolve into dust , you were never good with trust ,
Plus you're antisocial , I am too so thats a plus,
As well as, your fascination with roots,
To ground they lie, plants never tell the truth , doing good
For peoples stomachs and tummys laying down cognition,
In this position, cris cross , Apple sauce,
The taste is so familiar just be glad it's not exhaust,
Winds blow clean Through these trees,
Are you gonna say anything else? Or have said enough?

#love   #words   #peace   #life   #religion   #cross   #growth   #roots   #exhaust  

He walks by
We wave & smile
That  f e l t   g o o d
Genuine smiles
C r o s s   p a t h s  again
I have to admit
Feelings aren't gone
But I let them pass through me
Like water
It rinses me clean
My stomach sinks
I could be just another pretty face
He crossed paths with
But even if I'll never know
I still think he knows I'm a
R a r e   g e m
S  t  o  n  e
He just can't handle yet
I wanna believe he knows he's one too
He has such a pretty face
My love still wants to gear towards him
I love seeing his  s m i l e
Haven't seen it in a  w h i l e
I still think he's a precious gem
I think second chances count even if the first failed
It takes  c o u r a g e  and  b r a v e r y  
To  f o r g i v e  and  l o v e  again
Suddenly, finally, he's in  f r o n t  of  m e
At peace with whatever happened all between us
He's a pretty one
All I have is now
Late or whatever
I'll take this now
B a b y, its time to  f l y

#precious   #smile   #water   #now   #cross   #stone   #clarity   #pretty   #paths   #gem  

A mans life is full of ambition
Thiers no room for God's

I wrote this because I was heartbroken
When the people who bought my dads house.
Ripped out his front garden.
With a memories of my mums fountain.
Now it's all replaced with a driveway.
#hell   #heaven   #soul   #cross   #judgement  
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