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Hello fellow poets and artist
Finding this site made me smile.
I look forward to reading everyone's poems and art.
Hello fellow poets and artist
Finding this site made me smile.
I look forward to reading everyone's poems and art.

As He And I take a dip into each others solar eclipse  
He sips from my faucet that drips
and not the one located between my thick thighs and hips
but from the truth that flows from the softness of my lips.
In that moment he Indulged in Truth's kiss.
As he was overcamed by a state of bliss.
Thats when He knew That God must Exist.
Now to him I say this.......
"Lets Go beyond Us
As I allow you Undress my Conscious
Make love to my thoughts
As you diminish my distraughts
Lick my intelligence to taste the saccharine nectar of my Essence
As I give you this mental erection
You will be headed in the right direction
And there will be no need for a condom for our protection
Just dive into my purely unadulterated love and affection
Make your understanding stand at attention
Stick your knowledge in my head's dimension.
Giving me all its been missing
as I not only hear but Inventively listen.
Love me good and so deep
That upon me your heart begins to seap
And My my eyes begin to weap
Make my cerebellum climax until it reaches its peak.
Keep going deeper until you hear all the words I dont speak.
Have you found the Subtance in which you seek?

See into the depths of my soul until you see A light of shimmering glittering Gold.
Touch my psyche with a gentle caress.
Until you uncover the glory of my nakedness.

now its spiritual fire burning with Red hot flames from within inscreasing my soul's desire.

I let him see the quintessential part of me that in just a short time I had courageously bared.
And He allowed me to breathe in the fresh air from his atmosphere
As I tasted his words like freshly cut herbs
And He explored all my bountiful roads to learn all my turns and curves
As he Disect my unwritten literature to understand my creative verbs.
We fly beyond the clouds like 2 lovebirds.
I have become the many pages of his diary
As he shares his most private moments between him and me so secretly.
I feel like my my world is being pulled into his force of gravity.

And yet the question I ask is,"Is he into me?"
But I can already answer that by his his energy.
While he's staring into my eyes endlessly.
My universe has been shaken by the waves of his charismatic frequency.
As we are luxuriating in our Unfiltered Raw level of Intimacy.

When I see into your eyes I see our futures that lies
As if I was looking into the mystery of a crystal ball
answering attentively to loves call.
And it was there That i find
You are one of kind,
A materpiece crafted into a divine design
I can tell by the way Your eyes locked into mine
Although we didnt touch we had become like a braid as both our souls interwined
you send chills quickening up my spine
Its like my body, soul, and mind can sense you are the essences of Greatness defined.
As I examine your mind
It was like was like watching the sunrise
As your lips sing me lullibies
And I become mesmerized
As you give me butterflies
Then My palms fit perfectly in your palms
As My soul sings to your soul a scriptured praise from psalms.
My heart unfolds
And my truth gets told
My femininity surrender to your masculinity.
As I dive into deepest depths of your ocean's bottomless sea
Swimming in it endlessly

I become Intoxicated by your Testoserone
While you get high off of my sweet smelling Pheromones.
Your vibes make me Fantasize
About the sensual exercise you could do while sipping from the rivers that flow from in between my thighs
And from the womb of My belly I let out a beautiful cry
As I am being Submerge in your love as if im being Baptized
Then he Lifts me high like A diamond in the skies.
I take a deep breath in and SIGH
Because no man is better than my Handsome guy as I get high of his Chocolate supply.
Oh me oh my!

Its the beauty of black love between the Black Man And Woman
Its the shimmering shades of Melanin to Melanin
The contact of Skin to skin
Caressing each others souls from within.

A Queen needs her Royal King
Just like the violin needs its strings for without it its just a wooden box that doesnt mean a thing.
A God for the Goddess
Thats Honest and modest
And a Venus for Mars
And A consolation for the Most Majestic Shooting stars.
Thier powerful engery turns into a love song traveling distances so far.

  Mar 4  Keith Edward Baucum
Tashea Young
Tashea Young
Dec 23, 2016

Dear Black Men,
They have been throwing you away like a trash can.
Never to Understand
That you have value, and for your life God has designed a plan.
So Here I am with you, Side by side I place my hands, in your rough, calloused, laboring hands.
Merging together in solidarity just as a musical band.
As you are Always being placed under Servere Scrutiny
At this moment I stand with you declaring that we start speaking the healing language of unity.
Or This will be The End of Our Community.
Before our Village becomes Extinct
within a moments notice like the eyes that blink.
Removing The hate from our heart and brain that have formed into a kink
like the negative thoughts that we think
Overwhelming the mind drowning only to sink.
They are an Important asset to the family  just as the body needs Zinc.
They're An Esstenial Mineral.
Yet you label them as a Criminal, Cynical, Miserable, Pitiful,
A Creature deemed Unforgivable,
But if you look beyond the attributes of the physical
Take a glace At the mental and spiritual temple.
Resting inside is Gods Love that's Unconditional.
Then is when you will see what I see  Indispensable Individuals; Descendents From Israel.
Does the pigment of thier skin disqualifies him as being equal?
Is this Prince of Egypt's Sequel?
Or maybe its the fact that These Men are  Gods Royal people.

And Still you label them a Negros.
But when thier Tribe looks at them we See A heros.
Trying to lead thier people to the mental state of freedom just Moses did In Exodus from Pharoh.
If only it were that simple
To see inside The temple's window
You would see souls so beautiful.
conscious men awoken to what thier mind and innermen has come to know
Or hearts so rare its special.
And Like A super Moon painted on the black sky thier spirits will glow.

They are kings whom are kind and gracious.
Like a lion's Roar thier Words Are Boldy spoken into the atmosphere and Audacious
Their presences is contagious
Their spirit his courageous.

They are men whos wife and children watch intentively and admire.
They are the household provider.
In their minds he sparks a fire
A flame That Inspires.

He's The The soul that lives within.
Their Maghony skin has been dipped into Hersheys Rich Chocolate Melanin
Thier Deep Voice sounds like A roar from Lions Den , Vigorous and Masculine.
They are powerful like strength and of A thousand men.
Thier smile is as bright as the Radient sun warm and Golden.
From what Cloth was these men woven
that such a men of thier statue has not only been called but also chosen.
Theres something they are Beholding
They are just as a campfire in the blackness of the night glowin.

They are men of color
They are the cover for thier lover
They are My brothers from other mothers.

To The Blackwoman they are our
Batmen, Supermen, Ironmen, Tarzan, Patrolmen, repairmen, handymen, guardsmen, Businessmen and Gentlemen.
And We are your support system, your biggest fans.

You all are The craftmanship of The Most High's hand.
Constructed from the dust of the ground on which we stand.
Mixed with breathe of Life created a human being who bare feet ran,
feeling the warmth from the grains of sand, As he Walked among the surface of the land.
Adam, the Earths first black man.

I Wrote this to let you know we value you My Dear Black Man.

  Mar 4  Keith Edward Baucum
Tashea Young
Tashea Young
Nov 19, 2016

As Stong as the An African Elephant
Yet were are supple and elegant.
We are persuasive talkers so our words are very Eloquent.
Crafted From man's rib and An earthly element is How God made the first Wombman in the old testiment.
During the worlds development
We somehow begun to be irrelevant
Forgetting that we were designed as a help mate who is heaven sent.

We shed Bloods for days sometimes a months without dying.
Raising our children to Be Ladies and gentlemen whom are edifying.
In our wombs a human life we are able carry.
We are informational like a human dictionary.
We store resoureful pieces of data like a library.

Created with brown sugar, warm honey, cocoa and Gold.
Out spirits are Radiently Bold.
Our bodies are temples that can't be bought or sold.
We have a Story that must be hear and told.
We are the beautiful flowers in the month of May That Springs up and blooms in middle of noons day.
We flourish just as the fluorescent blue jay, Whose mood is Joyful and gay.
Our Skin absorbs the sun's Incandescent. Ray.
Some may say, Our hair is nappy but Actually, Our hair just happens to defy gravity
So we wear it upon our head proudly like a Crown
because Living in socitey's prospective of what you should look like will weigh you down.
You will stay stuck on being lost when you already have been found.
Be about your fathers business and know you are Heaven bound.

We are run life's race with meaning and purpose in our pace
Even our walk is embedded with grace
Nature's beauty smiles upon our face
As We Wear God's love like a Pure Gold necklace that's trimmed with lace.

The Strength we've gain
Turned us into warriors from living the through the most Excruciating pain
Thats the Reason we humbly pray as we sing and dance in the middle of the storm's rain.
Our humility will continue to remain.

We are women of Virtue
I wrote this to encourage you
Never let no one break, hurt or discourage you know who you belong to.
And who deserves a Woman of your statue.
For Being black Is Exhilarating
And being a woman is Breathtaking but Being a Black Woman is an Honorary Identity that is Legendary.

See the world thru the eye of a black Woman

Two figures dressed in red and black robes  sat on a bed in a room that was illuminated in red light.  The larger figure looked at the smaller figure and said "This is the day we've been waiting on.  It's ok to be nervous but don't be scared.  You are the sacred vessle."
"I'm not afraid.  I'm just ready to get this over with" said the smaller figure.
"That's just what I wanted to hear Levi.  It's time to get started.  Please follow behind me" said the larger figure.  "Yes mother" said Levi.  Levi followed his mother out of his room and down a hall that was illuminated in red light.  
As Levi followed behind his mother he asked the question "Why do we use red lights to light the compound?"  "Because red is the color of blood.  Blood is sacred " said the tall dark skinned woman.
"When Priest summons the spirit Evil remember not to fight it.  Just let it take over" said the tall dark skinned woman.  "Ok" said Levi.
When Levi and his mother entered the worship area she had him stand in front of the altar and the clergy.  "Thank you Harriet for escorting Levi to the altar" said a tall figure wearing a black hooded robe.  "You're welcome Priest" said Harriet.
Priest stepped down from the altar holding a baby creature in his right hand and a knife in his left hand.  Priest stabbed the baby creature in it's stomach and ripped it opened.  He stood in front of Levi and dipped his finger in the baby creature' s blood and anointed Levi' s forehead with it's blood.
"Bring me The Book Of Evil" said Priest.  A short figure wearing a black hooded robe stepped down from the altar and brought Priest The Book Of Evil.  Priest turned to the chapter evil and began reading.
"As the night blinds the sight of the male and female and Death stalks the living and Hate stands on the grave of Love only then will Evil reveal itself.  I offer this vessel to the spirit Evil.  Come forward Evil I summon you."
When Priest finished reading from The Book Of Evil the red lights that illuminated the compound began to flicker off and on.  From out of no where a gust of wind began to circle around Levi.  Slowly the wind transformed into black smoke.  Levi was over taken with fear and unable to move.  The black smoke entered through Levi's gaping mouth and took possession of him.
Levi shook violently and fell to the floor.  "Levi are you all right?" asked Priest.  Levi stood to his feet and looked Priest in his face with eyes as black as death.  "The child is no longer in control" said Evil.  Evil walked up to Priest stool his hand in Priest's stomach and pulled out his intestines.
"LEVI YOU KILLED YOUR FATHER!" screamed Harriet as she ran over to the lifeless body of Priest.  "I am Evil.  Like I told the child's father Levi is no longer in control but for amusement everyone may still call me Levi" said Evil as he looked at Harriet.  Evil pointed at the figures on the altar and told them to get rid of Priest's dead body.  "Yes Levi" said the robed figures.
"Harriet go gather the members of Sinister and bring them to the worship area" said Evil.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

This is a story about a mother, father, and son who is a member of a cult.  They sacrifice their son to a spirit named Evil
#dark   #sacrifice   #evil   #horror   #cult  

I am a rain drop flopped down from the clouds
I could have landed in a river or the sea
Then merging with the rising and receding waves
I would have been washed down into oblivion

Or could have fallen from the heights
Into a desolate dreary desert
Amid the blistering granules of sand
To be absorbed into nothingness

Chances are there to have fallen on a rock
Lying scorched in the heat of the mid day sun
Then I would have vanished into thin air
Evaporating into non existence

I could have fallen into a muddy puddle
Or perhaps into a filthy drainage
To be contaminated with the sewage
Or be the breeding ground of worms and bugs

But fortunately for me
I happened to fall into fecund soil
Where there lay in wait a few seeds
Hankering for the cool touch of moisture

Arid souls desperately thirsting for water,
They sucked the molecules within me.
As their dry kernel got soaked and puffed,
Slowly they sprouted and grew into life.

Absorbing again the drops that came after me
They, into towering trees eventually grew
Some touching heaven’s azure heights
And giving shade and shelter to many

Now as I see them crested with flowers
And bearing clusters of luscious fruits
I feel I am there in each leaf and bud
And my essence flows through every vein!

As a teacher, what more is needed for me
To feel contented in life?

For the last several years, I have been teaching in a college. Now my students are scattered everywhere in the world! Some of them are so well placed and some adorning key positions in life. Seeing them, I feel so proud and happy! India is a land where teachers are greatly respected. ‘Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivom’ is a sacred credo of our ancient culture. It means next to God come mother, father and teacher!

Love the wife of Loyalty stands with her husband's arms wrapped around her and her arms wrapped around him in an warming embrace.  Loyalty looked into the eyes of Love and said

"My beautiful, beautiful, wife you filled my heart with joy by becoming my wife.  My world revolves around you.  I will always be there for you.  I will stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.  I will protect you from all threats."

Love gave Loyalty a squeeze and said

"I too will stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.  I will be there for you in your time of need or when ever you just want me by your side."

Love and Loyalty looked into each other's eyes and began to kiss.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

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