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Hello fellow poets and artist Finding this site made me smile. I look forward to reading everyone's poems and art. Read more
Hello fellow poets and artist Finding this site made me smile. I look forward to reading everyone's poems and art. Read more
VA   (16 followers)
Share your mind
Fired Paradise   (136 followers)
Here is for poets who can see the light in darkness & hear a voice even in the sadest silence...
Impeccable Poetry   (157 followers)
Let Us Free Our Minds And Give Our Poetry Wings. You are most welcome to follow my other collection "Impeccable Poetry - Part II" Thank you most kindly. Rosalie - Lady R.F xxx
Amazing Poetry   (69 followers)
The best of Poetry ❤️
Poetic Party Crew....   (143 followers)
This is a group for poets that want to have fun.   You can submit any type of poem. Enjoy life every day.  You only have one life so enjoy it.
Sea of thoughts   (121 followers)
Juggling the thought process......... Feel free to add any piece ! (PS- Now members can also add poems !)
Spill your heart   (67 followers)
Whatever you wanna shrare. Let's just listen to our heart's rhythm and understand what they wanna say...
loving you   (128 followers)
all those great love poems that take you to another level. (first collection I've invited all my friends to!!!)
The Nightmare Channel   (12 followers)
A collection for "Scary" pieces.
Flash Fiction Favorites   (5 followers)
A collection of flash fiction (short stories with a powerful ending) noun fiction that is extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words or fewer in its entirety.
Gifted and Black   (53 followers)
Jimmy Poem   (101 followers)
ang kulay bughaw at ang nag-iisang ikaw   (87 followers)
" the blue one and the only you " (ang kulay bughaw at ang nag-iisang ikaw) umulan man at umaraw (rain or shine) sa gutom man at uhaw (in hunger and thirst) gaano man kababaw ...
Tattoos   (53 followers)
those inked impressions on our souls, and our skins
I Hope You Dance   (102 followers)
the dance of life, dancing, the joy of movement...ballet, modern dance, tap,freestyle...or just the way your soul dances to life...post it here.
hot n' nasty   (64 followers)
submit your fantasies or real life hot moments right here..... this is suggested for 18 and over only! poetry and short stories only, please.....
Painful Truth   (12 followers)
VIOLENCE IN GUJARAT   (54 followers)
Heartbreakers   (123 followers)
Poems of disaster, sadness, and just heart breaking writes.
Wolf poets other profile room(de plume room)   (23 followers)
Wolfs multiple profile room for all his multiple profile's\personalities and anger he de plume's.
Calliopes Collection   (205 followers)
Honoring outstanding works of poetic artistry
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