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  Jan 2015 washy
Devon Webb
You're not
worth my
washy Aug 2014
will we remember each other in the future, love?
will we keep in contact, or the days will separate us?
will we cross each other minds as we used to?
will we cross paths one day?

                                                              ­                                                will we meet again?
I wish I got the ability to cross hearts and minds,
so it won't take me forever trying to find answers
for my unanswerable questions.


"the scarest thing about distance is that
you don't know whether they'll miss you,
or forget you" -Nicholas Sparks
washy Aug 2014
you are the today and the tomorrows,
even if the fact hurts,
and none can remember it,
you are still all your yesterdays.
we are just period of time,
do what you dream of,
before it's too late.
washy Aug 2014
she was charming like a couple of adorable synonyms in a sentence,
yet so obscure like a quiet full-stop at the end of paragraph.
I keep wondering, about how long will I love you.
  Aug 2014 washy
kate paciuk
your eyes are like oceans
and i want to drown
washy Aug 2014
her eyes were like the sun and the moon,
glowed like a sun ray strings in the mid July,
shimmered like a moonlight in the midnight.

she was like a perfect sun in cloudless sky,
she was like a raw moon in starless sky.

all of her was independent universe.
she was obscure universe.
yet so marvelous.
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