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  Dec 2020 Salma
To love you in your absence 
There are some pomes to write 
To hate you for your presence 
There are some memories to fight
  Dec 2020 Salma
one of my biggest fears
is that one day,
you’ll view me the same way i view myself.
shower thoughts..
  Dec 2020 Salma
Lazarus Bertsch
Stupid us
Thinking we
Were in love

Stupid me
Thinking I
Was good enough.
I had some help from Sophia "which was 80 percent" with this poem.

Check out her profile:
Salma Dec 2020
The distance,
Is killing me
  Nov 2020 Salma

I like you

Nothing more and nothing less
  Nov 2020 Salma
Katrina Majewska
Your smiles are my sunsets

impossible to capture,
yet fondly pursued

I can’t risk blinking
For fear I’d miss a moment
of this captivating view

And every evening,
when the sky turns pink
and dark shades of blue,

I will remind myself
That You;

Your smiles,

are my sunsets.
  Nov 2020 Salma
Lady Misfortune
I say:
Do you want me to pretend you do not exist?

She says:
Do as you wish.

I perceive:
All I was once you moved onto the next,
A waste of breath.

What a mutual perception process,

You keep on running and now I have nothing but my beliefs.

And what do you have?
Your cup is empty

It would be full but...
You poke holes in all the words I speak
The art of assuming the worst

Created 5.21.18
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