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Aug 7 · 148
I hurted you, unwillingly...
I never meant that,
I love you with my all
Hurting you hurt me more
Than you could ever understand or feel...
I need you each and every moment
You know it very well
But still away from me..
You always say you care..
Then come to me now..
Leave your anger,
Leave your ego,
Just hold my hand..
I need you alot..
I love you never means it about only love..
I say this because you're something more for me than my life,
than my everything..
Please talk to me...
Forgive me sweet heart!!!
Forgive this fool girl!!!
Baabaa.. Please talk to me...My words my lines my thoughts.
Everything is fading away...
I love uh...U know very well that ur absence hurt me..Kills me..Then y ru doing...Come to me please..Hold me again... Please..baabaa
Jul 16 · 216
It hurt...
When I love you with
my all,
But you don't have enough
Time to look at me...
What I am going through!!!
It hurt...
When my days and nights
All are yours,
But you don't even care
For me...
What had I lost!!!
I love uh Baabaa,
And I know maye be someone
Can replace me after awhile..
What about me and the
replacement of missing part of yours???
I lost me... Enough me that my
All lost belongs to you!!!
Baabaa...I love you naa...Ur ignorance is hurting me...I wanna say but I can't...afraid to loose uh naa.... What I asked baabaa..Just little time naa...What I begged baabaa... Only ur presence naa..And for that I gave uh  my all... But I even don't deserve that...
Jul 11 · 408
Distance of every inch
Between you and me,
Will turn difference of miles
From me to my life...
Try to leave me once,darling
And I promise..
You'll never find
me again!!!!
Keep loving even from distance is the only love worth for life...
Jul 10 · 499
Sometimes I wanna
Say I am in a trouble...
Please STAY,
But like the same...
You say BYE and
My words go UNSAID!!!
Love is not only about the feelings... sometimes it means mental supports too...
Jul 7 · 253
Every step towards  death
Making this world more fantasy,
The rush of breaths inside my body
Is going intensive for it's destiny,
Continuous terrible touches of this endless pain
Is turning my fiendish blood into teary courtesy,
The shed of broken dreams over my grave
Will chase it's depth with stupendous ecstasy....
Taste of death is maybe bitter,but sure about better than a painful life..

— The End —