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fingers wrapped around my neck
gripping me so hard

wish you had the same kind of grip around my heart
love me for gods sake
your eyes are the only starry night
I could gaze into
all night long
 Jul 22 Sadiya Tahseen
A grain of sand in the desert of my life,
my mind stores you in dunes,
in overwhelming abundance.

I create winds, sandstorms, tornadoes
to shape you,
to move you,
still you settle the same,
with mathematical precision.

Governed by physical law,
governed by bleeding and raw,
I want you more,

I feel you slip from my grasp ,
shifting the sands of my mind,

I wait for a deluge, a torrent,
a hope to bring new life,
a new form,
an awakening...

a forgotten seed,
There was a time
when time was not time—-
For me,
For you.
The water it collects and tarries
Carries itself.

you whisper
my thoughts linger to go
July 13,  2019
 Jul 13 Sadiya Tahseen
to be in love
and have no one to say it to
I am beautiful.
But you are not her...
My doubts creep up.
Crocodiles from a dark swamp
“Go away.” I whisper.
I am kind.
But no one likes you as much as her...
“Stop!” I plead.
They get louder.
You will never be enough.
Not for him. Not for them.
You are a burden.
No one wants you around.
I scream.
I am alone.
With you I enjoyed
World as if your smiling face
World's activities as if
your beautiful fingers running on knitting yarns
World's jewellery as if
Your beautiful sceneries
World's goodness as if
Your lovely sweetness
World's greenery as if
Your yummy culinary
World's annoyance as if
Your innocence

I never thought
The days will be so harsh
World's colour will become tarnish
My wounds will be so invisible
Days will add salt to injuries
Your ideals will heal the wounds
The life will merely be a ritual as a train's carriages.
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