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 Jun 2020 Sue Collins
 Jun 2020 Sue Collins
They look right at me
But they don’t see me
They listen to me
But they dont hear me
We live together
And yet we’re miles
They say the know
But they don’t know
They say the understand
But you can’t truly understand
Unless you’ve lived through it
They haven’t
I have
So don't say you see me,hear me,know me,
Understand me
To those who feel like they're not really seen.
Don't you admire his ringwork;
His footwork and speed?
Dance. Jab. Dance.
Did you see Rambonehead snap?
Glossy-eyed. Swollen and staggering
Like the bloated incumbent.
Jab. Dance. Jab.
The Dope's been roped.
The final count's on.
Obama only has to say a few words to stagger the Rambonehead.
He floats and stings.
 May 2020 Sue Collins
 May 2020 Sue Collins
I wrote ...I erased...
I refined it....then wrote it again.

The words....of the memories....
Writing the soul....with different stories.

Calmed breathing...finally controlled...
Pulse under normal...then.... I let go.
She gave me life and delivered me, into this wondrous world
She took my hand and guided me, as the mysteries unfurled.
She taught me to be loving, and all the time she smiled
Now the child becomes the parent and the parent, the child.

She encouraged me to study, and learn all that I could
She taught me to be confident, while doing what was good.
She urged me to have faith, when life’s challenges beguiled
Now the child becomes the parent and the parent, the child.

She taught me to be compassionate, a most important teaching
She taught me loving kindness, her gift was future reaching.
As now she needs these back from me, as lost memories are filed
For the child has become the parent and the parent, the child.

--Victor Fuhrman ©
I first shared this on Mother's Day 2017. Now that mom has passed, I share it for all of you caring for your elderly mothers. Total compassion and bless you for all you do to make your mom's Mother's Day, and every precious day, joyful and loving... 💞
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