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Mar 2019 · 89
sleepless nights
Luke Mar 2019
just a taste to end my sorrow
get me by tonight, to see tomorrow
nothing more but a glass
any more
the morning sun will have my ***
For my drinking friend
Mar 2019 · 94
Broken Dream
Luke Mar 2019
But a dream
But a dream, but a wish
For better days with better ways
For a fresh start for a fresh dish
But a dream
But hopes, but desires
For all to be new, not one clue
No wrong and no more liars
But a dream
But a necessity
To replace what i have
For a new destiny
To get back what i gave
And do what’s best for me
New is all i crave
Ahhh just leave it be
I am nothing more to save
Mar 2019 · 81
Luke Mar 2019
The world turns dark
Here we go again
THe rush of sadness fulfills
I’m alone again

I picked up what was lost
And ran away with it
Like a careless wind

I wish I was blind
Deaf or mute
Maybe then I could have  a viable excuse
Mar 2019 · 87
Luke Mar 2019
I refuse to go anymore,
This pointless path is once again a dead end
Long and dreary, nothing but a bore
Mar 2019 · 156
Mind Over Matter!
Luke Mar 2019
Take the words as a grain of salt
You are stronger
Than your own thoughts
Mar 2019 · 242
Ive lost myself
Luke Mar 2019
Forget it even happen
None of it matters
Maybe a taste, just to dappen
My mind is such a scatter

Ive lost myself
I don’t understand
Ive lost myself
I cannot withstand

Pain and sadness
Deep in my soul
Leave a hand for me to harness
The darkness leaves its toll
Mar 2019 · 146
Father Time
Luke Mar 2019
Father time.
No mystery in his ways
just to procede on
with every day
He holds every story
he knows your past,
and all of your glory
He knows your next adventure
and your final depature
time is of essence
Mar 2019 · 402
closed eyes
Luke Mar 2019
i wish to close my eyes
for enternity
only then i will reach serenity
Mar 2019 · 132
Luke Mar 2019
You must stop this.
but for why?
How can I change,
I feel no bliss.

Who are you to judge?
You not a clue,
Of me or what I truly am.
But maybe shall I budge?

Should I express?
Open my mind,
reveal my interworkings.
No I refuse, I will not depress.
All is well, except no name for my poem.
Mar 2019 · 158
All Out Of Time
Luke Mar 2019
Your time has come
Don’t be sad
Remember what you have done
Don’t be mad

You’ve wondered what would happen
Is it bad
Don’t worry now
But don’t be glad

Yes it true your time has come
So Forget what you had
Remember your loved ones?
Your sisters, mom and dad

None of it matters now
Because your time has come
This retched place
Is now your home
I was having fun with this poem. I tried to rhyme every other line with words ending with “ad”
Mar 2019 · 389
Luke Mar 2019
The sadness leers
Coming from with in
Hateful cry’s ring in your ears
How dark could these be, such  dreary sin

The light is now feeble
The demons come near
Nothing is as evil
Do not cry now dear

Look around you
The flames burn forever
You did not have a clue
You are not ready for this endeavor
I wrote this poem with mindset of Hell. I do not have a name for this poem...
Mar 2019 · 112
Luke Mar 2019
My mind can be indecisive;
but when things are about you,
my mind is made up-
yes it’s really true.

Nothing can make me as happy,
then being besides you.
Our love came fast,
just out of the blue.

With you things are natural,
No pretending or games.
You are my definition of happy,
No that's not a false claim.

Oh how lucky I am, to have you in my life,
no superficial emotions.
How can someone be so perfect?
Nothing but pure devotion.

So silly, so sweet;
but can be so vicious,
you have incredible charm,
With heartfelt intentions.

Not only the love for yourself,
but for everyone else.

My mind can be indecisive
But this I can say is true.
I love you so much, you don’t have a clue.
A love poem for my lady
Luke Feb 2019
In the desperate times I hear it call my name
No, not again please spare me
The horrible, haunting horrors
Like a leech, draining me leaving me with despair
Who is he or she that calls my name
I dare not say, for it haunts me
Lurking in the depths of mind, oh how awful
I could live my life forever in glee,
but when the light fades I’d rather die
Oh God please have mercy, I beg and plead
It begins to attach to me
To my mind sinking to my heart spreading to my limbs
Im hopeless, how can i get rid of this burden
Antagonizing, the pain is physical you can see it in my eyes
Listen carefully making no mistake and you can hear it in my voice
The darkness leers leaving me with tears of sadness
I wouldn't dare wish for it on any innocent soul
For let it devour me after all I must deserve it
For it is a monster that I have created and it only seeks for me
This is my first dark poem.

— The End —