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46/F/Melbourne Australia    My veins are filling with ink, now I hope to fill some blank paper the way I fill my heart with hope
69/M/Chorley    A recent retiree, I hope to rekindle the love for poetry which I enjoyed as a teenager.
Anais Vionet
19/F/U.S.    Rising Yale university junior with a horrible pizza addiction.
Ali J
21/F    hey all! I am currently a college girl, writing poems and enjoying all that other aspiring poets and the classics have to offer. My favorite ...
122/M/Hawaii    52 Years old - I love to read... I love to write... I love to share new Ideas with you and the world
25/F/Scotland    All poems my own. Constructive feedback welcomed :)
Thomas P Owens Sr
M/New Market, Va    Lover of poetry, film, comedy, the paranormal, OBX, Rush and women named Eve
18/F/London    If I could make the world as pure/ And strange as what I see/ I'd put you in the mirror / I put in front ...
Eugene Jino Maumela
28/M/Dobsonville    Author, Artist, Teacher, Motivational speaker.
Michael Marchese
28/M/California    “Cogitation. A distant fragment. Separate me from the whole. My thoughts...are now unchained.” -A Wolf Amongst Ravens
F    "Her heart, which was easily moved by honest trustworthiness, compelled her to shed a secret tear" Mao Dun, Rainbow, pg 121.
Seranaea Jones
F/TR    If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different would our idea of beautiful be. All work is licensed under <img alt="Creative Commons ...
Lane O
31/M    Just a normal dude who likes to write. check out my Instagram page, @poemsbylaneo.
Miss Ohio
38/F    Love and sunshine.
Fay Grace
18/F/Mombasa    Poem is my daily medicine
17/F/India    अगर आप सही हो तो कुछ सही साबित करने की कोशिश ना करो, बस सही बने रहो, गवाही खुद वक्त देगा। ज़िंदगी जीना आसान नहीं ...
Brandy Nicole
18/M    how ironic that a gay chooses crying as his pastime?
Shadiya Zubair
19/F/India    "Let the lyrics of life be rhymed in your own unique flamboyant style" : ). Me trying to explore the lyrics of my life to ...
Travis Green
30/M/Middlesex, NC   
David P Carroll
M/Ireland    David P Carroll Poems All Poetry is copyrighted to David P Carroll under a Dublin and European Union court of law. Was on TV ...
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