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 Oct 2020 Mark S
I can't believe,
I once craved for someone's attention.
I walked into their offices,
And they walked out for their lunch breaks.
I waited for their texts and phone calls,
As they deleted my number.
Yet my priorities were in my call log.
I take the crown of stupidity and place it on my head.
 Sep 2020 Mark S
Carlo C Gomez
entered the upstairs library,

In shifts,
heads bowed.

The flickers of remembrance
softly stroked her hair,

Until the dousing of
the final candle

Summoned nightfall
to dance at her funeral party.
 Sep 2020 Mark S
Anna Josephine
like a half baked loaf of bread,
love still rising in the oven,
the warmth helps you grow.
You, a typical loaf oblivious to the hugging heat.
Doughy and innocent I wait.
Heat forming and falling.
I feel like butter melting by the stove
patiently awaiting a slice of you.
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