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SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
Hangman is a great game.

It teaches us that saying the wrong things could end someone's life.
Think before you speak. You never know what's going on in someone else's life.
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
The Bible said Adam AND Eve so I slept with both of them.
It's the Bible not the Straightble. I'm just following the book.
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
L- Let's
G-  Get down to
B- Business
T- To defeat the Huns
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
It's my birthday.
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
Don't be upset that feminism is called 'feminism'
When the entire human race is called 'mankind'
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
We call ships 'she'.
We call our war machines 'women'.
We compare women to black widows and vipers.
And you're going to tell me it's not "lady-like"
To scream, to take up space,
To fight and demand respect
And do whatever the hell I want.
You've looked at nuclear bombs
And have been so in awe,
That you could only name them after women.
Don't try to downplay my power.
  Sep 2022 SophiaAtlas
Lazarus Bertsch
Babe tell what's wrong with me
Voices pierce my skull
I pray to god that hell help me
I guess I'm wrong
They say gods actually helping me
What's going on
Seems like the devils on my shoulder while gods in my mental
Used to be a opioid adduct used **** with Norco
Hearing voices at night telling me wrong not right
But its right to be wrong but wrong to be right But that's all too political right
Whites killing blacks than  blacks killing whites
School shootings Got parents paranoid when they say
Mom i promise I'll be fine

Were all god's children why do we got to fight
Another topic why do women not have rights
School taught us from a early age
My body my rights
So why are politics
Saying abortions' are just no right
When a parent isn't ready they are not ready
Save the child abuse, emotion abuse
The therapy and pills that consume
Otherwise there be more caskets
Than baby shower baskets
In our life

I'm sorry for every one struggling with abuse/racism/sexisms'/and to all the parents that lost their children in the school shootings. My condolences go to you… I'm sorry
...get this trending.. these are real problems in the world and people need to come to the realizations that these things are not right.
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