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Tanzil Mar 31
Look at the stars, they have a soul
being right above each night,  
Twinkling; forcing us to be lost into them
they'll never disappoint you

Look at the rain, it has soul too
the drops fall from the heavens
and the earth celebrates its arrival
it'll never let you down

You've been busy with the humans
been busy getting disappointed
My dear, most of them
do not have a soul

Look at the rainbow, the love of a mother,
the morning dew and the light of a candle
they all have a soul
that won't disappoint you

Be surrounded with them
and the beings with soul
will themselves be driven to you.
I am at a stage in my life where I do not have time to waste on shallowness, narrow mindedness, things that are **** and the things that do not have a SOUL.
Tanzil Jan 20
In the darkest of nights
during the hardest of emotions
amidst the deepest of impossibilities

her heart hadn't forgotten to beat
since a gentle touch of life
was enough to make her feel ALIVE
Tanzil Dec 2018
Have you ever seen
a scar heal?
Something that seemed dead
for quite too long.

It's amazing how it all
comes back to life

There came no prince
No fairy with a magic wand!
I wonder how it then evolved
through the burning times..

All the scar did was
ALLOWED itself to be healed!
Many a times unfortunate things happen with us, things that aren't in our control. However, I think the best thing about life is that it gives everyone a second chance. The most important thing is to ALLOW yourself to be the amazing person that life wants you to be.

— The End —