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Valerie Jan 2019
The hills beckons!!

In it's ethereal beauty.

Bringing it's surroundings to life!!!

The blessings of Mother nature in its total richness.

The intricate layout of the earth's crust.

The flamboyance of creation.

An artist's inspiration, a poet's muse.

The rocks adjoined hip to hip.

Serendipity in these hills!!!
Akure is a town in Ondo state, Nigeria, in the continent of Africa. Made of beautiful hills and picturesque views
Valerie Dec 2018
On this weird evening all i can think of is you and all the things that we've missed out on, it's like i have stopped it all for you and don't even know how to begin again. My mind is not at rest even when i tell myself how foolish i am to keep longing for you. In all this i still feel hope and i feel something more. You are ordinary but i see you extraordinary.
                     On The Night Where The Air Stands Still In Waiting; The Sky Is Bleak And Misses The Stars, Loneliness Becomes Inevitable. Even The Presence Of Humans Can't Shake Away The Persistent Feeling Of The Absence Of Someone So Important. Loud In The Ears Are Sounds But No Connection; The Mind Is Screaming Into An Endless Tunnel And Only Echoes Are It's Reply.
                    Even With The Thoughts And Visual Image, There's No Change In It's Stance, Yearning And Craving Seems Endless, Swirling In To An Unknown Destination With No Idea Of Moments Passing; It's One And Only One Need, It's Reached The Zenith, Now Restlessness Is Company. 
                     The Mind And The Heart Concurrently Sends The Same Message To The Brain, Asking For Solutions For It's Turmoil. In This Distance Of Affection, All And  Everything Around Seems Appalling.
                     It's strange how i still think about the possibilities, i only hope to myself that i am not mad or going mad. There times when i miss you like rain for expectant Farmers, then i go mad at you for little reasons and decide that enough is enough. Then i try with all of my will to neglect you but it's something i can't do, cause my heart reminds me of you and so does my prayers.
We can't sometimes control where our heart goes
Valerie Oct 2018
The things he said made no difference
She had no idea where her heart was and told him as much
He said he would be her hero and save her

So he put in blood and sweat!
To show her how much he loved her

She drew on, kept on drawing until he became drained.
That was the only way she knew how.

He asked for a lifeline, sustenance of some sort,
He was gone too deep, he needed her to pour into him.

She didn't know how to, so she drew on the little left
Until she drained him of his very essence and still she drew on
....... then there was nothing left........
No matter how hard you try, if it's the wrong will end up broken!!
Valerie Oct 2018
He ponders on how to make the decision
One to give him satisfaction and the other displeasure
His small hands cradle the calabash gently
Cautious of the fragility of its content
He's wondering how to explain his spoil
Excited beyond yet afraid within
Still wandering in the bushes treading lightly on dead leaves,
He hears the drums go off from the village square.
A thought jumps in, too tempting to ignore!
But he must reach his destination .
Forging ahead to gratification,
He's barely acknowledged and his secret unkown.
Walking through he's pushed aside and ignored!
He pays no mind, full of smiles.
If only they knew the content of the Calabash!!!

                                          Valerie Gbinije
Sometimes we underestimate people and their worth...
Valerie Oct 2018
Many times i have tried calling
Same amount of times i stopped myself
Many times i wonder if i am in your head
Same amount of times i caution myself from thinking of you

Is it all just in my head?
Is it just me being too weak?
Is it just all good and am being paranoid?

Maybe I am not as strong as i think
Maybe am just as intense as a blotted ink
Maybe you are the missing link

Valerie Gbinije

— The End —