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Oct 2018 · 119
Don't be sorry
Maya Lednevsky Oct 2018
Don't be sorry about anything
it can make you feel better.
It's been said and he hands me a fire
through the mist and the haze
Someone comes to embrace you tonight
doesn't write you a letter.
May he always will be kind with you
'cause I'll never be there...
Oct 2018 · 165
Don't leave
Maya Lednevsky Oct 2018
It's petals flying by, not snow.
I'll follow them to you, I know.
A quiet voice I can't subdue
Is begging me to look for you.

Like snow, you were just a dream
And you're not here - is what it means,
But metronome beats in my chest -
"Don't leave!", but you will never guess...
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
Special glee
Maya Lednevsky Oct 2018
If you're walking by,
the world disappears around me,
Your eyes are like an ocean,
my spring of the special glee,
So close and yet
You're so unbelievable, dear,
Like a bodhisattva's dreams
under the evergreen tree.

Somewhere a clean river
calms fish with a careful hand,
I helpless against what is coming
It locked me away.
I see you rejoice at the game
only you comprehend,
But no matter what, this love
never will turn to despair.

When I walk down the path
past mysterious sea,
I've never felt so abandoned
among fragrant pines.
That's simply because
you only have never been herŠµ.
Why are you all I care
about in my intricate life?..
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
Maya Lednevsky Oct 2018
Green light beam shines upon the web of streets,
The messenger from strange and distant worlds.
You're far away, for me it all repeats -
My town is empty, shadows roam the walls.

No Savior comes, I run into the void.
And when the masts of pines come into view,
I stop and fall on salty sand, destroyed.
It does not matter if I cry for you -

It's not the wind that rustles sleepy trees,
It's not the chirps of sparrows or jays,
It's Moira, saddened by the Fate she sees,
Unknits the lace of my remaining days...
Oct 2018 · 98
My city goes silent
Maya Lednevsky Oct 2018
My city goes silent, created from secret,
It whispers sweet lies that you won't ever tell me
In primary language that will not be sealed
In words that we say but in sensual trembling.

The street lights become the guards of existence,
Caught fire on the border protecting the sleeping.
I feel this unspoken connection between us
My heart skips a beat every single time I see you.

We will never meet but I just can't stop waiting
Will you stay with me as unclear reflection?
I'm watching the shadows of days dissipating,
Like foam in the waves, so disastrous and tender...

— The End —