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Maya Lednevsky Oct 2018
Green light beam shines upon the web of streets,
The messenger from strange and distant worlds.
You're far away, for me it all repeats -
My town is empty, shadows roam the walls.

No Savior comes, I run into the void.
And when the masts of pines come into view,
I stop and fall on salty sand, destroyed.
It does not matter if I cry for you -

It's not the wind that rustles sleepy trees,
It's not the chirps of sparrows or jays,
It's Moira, saddened by the Fate she sees,
Unknits the lace of my remaining days...
Skye Jul 2018
"You are my sunshine
My only sunshine"
It's what you said
When you saw me under the moonlight

"You make me happy
When skies are grey"
You sang to me
While tears stream down your face

"You'll never know dear
How much I love you"
You never did
Not once, not even from the very beginning

"Please don't take
My sunshine away"
No one did.
It was you, my dear
Who left your sunshine for billions of shining stars
a song of the same title sang by moira dela torre- do check that out

— The End —