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  Jul 2021 misterN
Valsa George
as a soft breeze,
a hushed whisper,
a cool mist,
you came quietly
and slipped
into my thoughts

I skimmed through the sunlit
alley of a dream world
and whirled in an uneasy sensuality.

the embryo of love
in me
has matured into a full grown fetus
kicking at the crust of my womb
the tremor
of a
misterN Jul 2021
रातों कि तन्हाई
संसों के दरम्यान
होतों कि तरटराहत
misterN May 2021
Tajassus Sai Mai Bahaar Gaya.
Sardi Ka Maisam Sakht Thaa.
Akela Akela Paidaal Gaya.
Badan Bhi Kaap Raha Tha.

Dur Ek Aag Jalnai Dekhi.
Paas Usnai Boliyaa…

Aag Waisai Hi Thi
Bebassi Mai Ussai Chuu Liya
Ruh Jaal Gayi
Badan Tau Aisa Hi Jaalava Tha.

Ek Cheek Nikal Gayi
Wah Sai Bhaag Chala

Phir Sai Ghar Mai Dakhil Hau Gaya.
Par Jalnai Kai Daag Reh Gaya.
  Oct 2020 misterN
I Believe
I want to Believe
misterN Oct 2020
Koi Kissi Ka Nahi Hai
*** Sab Apnai  Aap Kai Hi Liyai Hai
Pyaar Mohabaat Hai Ki Nahi
Issi Koi Faraak Nahi Padtaa Hai.
Koi Kissi Ka Nahi Hai.

Har Ek Harkaat
Lain Ya Dain Mai  Tolaaa Jaata Hai.
Aisa Karu Tau Waisa Hauga
Waisai Karu Tau Kya Hauga.

Koi Kissi Ka Nahi Hai.
  Sep 2020 misterN
Sarita Aditya Verma

The night has the power
The energy to absorb, its dark
The absence of light makes it dark
To liberate and put off the fears
The light has the power, switch it on
Tuned to light, the vision in the dark, at loss
So the dark has the power over the light
It takes away all, makes things invisible
Don’t be afraid
It is the light within that guides, the vision
To switch off or switch on
Discretion lies with the mind

Just some thoughts :)
  Sep 2020 misterN
Blue eyes, ever so mysterious
Sealed lips,  always hiding a secret,
Red hair,  a dash of love when you run away from truth.

Joy shining in your eyes, laugh lines ever present,
Laughs escaping your lips as if it costs you nothing,
Hair playing with the wind like children with no worries

Eyes downcast,  shying away or guilty?
Lips smiling from here, frowning from there,
Hair,  half done up,  half swaying in the wind.

So tell me darling,  what are you? An open book or a relic written in God's own language?
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