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Ajit Saigal Jan 2021
Promises of the rising sun Galore,
Diffused down the deep and dark Oceans
Churned in the finest untold Melodies
Contrived up tunes Soft and lyrics Sweet
Concealed it within mysterious sea Shells;

Whipping and Whacking of ocean Floors,
Unsettled the ***** and span sea Beds
Unbridling the galaxy of buoyant sea Shells
Washing them up the vagrant sea Shores
Waiting to unravel its Euphoric Ode to the divine Pursuer;

I scrambled down many a Sea Shore,
Went berserk for that Special One
Came across Myriads of Sea Shells
Never found that brimming Mystical One
Until the day I whispered into her Mysterious Ears;
And realized I had found the Conch Shell
My Mystical Conch Shell
With the Eternal Music ad rem and well Preserved.
Ajit Saigal Dec 2020
The Beauty of Love !
The Colors of Hope !
The Fragrance of Life !

Why are you so Encumbered ?
Why Wangled by Time ?
Why Fiddled with Deadly Thorns ?
Is that all for Me from Your Unpleasant Past ?

My Heart abides Undeterred
The Writhing intense for your Exotic Bloom
The Scarlet Petals Enticing and Replete
The Swarm of Love all Invading
The Painful Spike, I know is just Inevitable.

My Heart Bleads profusely
My Soul Stings soothingly
Every Melodious Duet intimidating
Every Blissful Ambience excruciating.

I hail the Aroma,
I hail the Perception,
I hail the Enchantress,
I hail the Scarlet Rose.
Ajit Saigal Apr 2020
As the Sound of
   Pristine Silence
Rings in Seclusion
   Vibrant Realizations
Reverberate in
   Glorious Splendor...
Dedicated to Humankind
       gone Standstill
Adventurous Micro-organisms
       gone Astray.
Ajit Saigal Aug 2018
Endures & Binds,
Provocations Looseth the Soul.
Submissive & Impulsive,
Yet so Very
Paradoxical a Paranoid !

Forges & Sharpens,
Life's Brunts Maketh the Soul.
Ironic & Caustic,
Yet so Very
Powerful a Predominance !

Fosters & Transcends,
Identity Forageth the Soul.
Narcissistic & Intransitive,
Yet so Very
Surreal a Sacrifice !
Tried to spell out the mind-games many of us play in our everyday lives while struggling to maintain the ethical equilibrium.
We tend to go passive in passion when it comes to self imposed restraint, but we also fret about lost opportunities.
We cling onto trust levels gained from the heat & hammering's of our own long term past experience's and thereon it starts dominating our lives.
Many a times we willfully thaw the heights of our egoistic vanity and rise above material frenzy to witness the never before experienced bits of ecstatic brilliance.
Ajit Saigal Jun 2018
I want to hold my head up high
I want to fly till I touch the sky
I want to make my angel smile.

Days will be hard and nights cooler
Life won’t draw your card any more
The storm outside would rage on & on
Yet your music would raise me strong.

The wounds keep bleeding
The tears keep falling
I may not matter any longer
But I promise to not let them monger.

Nothing can glimmer your dazzling light
Believe me, you can scale pristine heights
You are the brightest star ever
Just let it shine sharp and clear.

Keep smiling
Remain happy
Brighten up my Angel of Joy
You will always be my Phantom of Delight.
This was written for my little daughter whom I hadn't met for 6 long years.
My last memory of her flashed & paused,
at me kissing her tiny forehead,
she was just 1 month old then, sleeping peacefully on her mom's lap,
cuddled within caring silken arms.

— The End —