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Tianna Jacquez Nov 2018
I suppressed the burning passion inside of me.
I quieted the voice that shouts my presence.
I deserted my desire to do the things I love.
I created a wall to prevent anyone from entering.
I left the dreams of the little girl I once was.
I threw water onto the flames that dance in my heart.
I hurt myself when I don't mean to.
Tianna Jacquez Nov 2018
I took shelter in an abandoned building.
For weeks, even months, I watched it slowly decay over time-
old age always gets the best of us.
I stared at the ceiling and felt the memories flash back.
The memories of a home.
Its warmth burned the tips of my fingers
I struck a match in the vacant kitchen;
I watched as its interior was swallowed up by the fury of the flames.
So much emptiness, still so empty.
The fire caught to my skin, and I did not feel a thing.
I wake up every morning and pass by the ash figure of my dreams; all that is left are bad, burned memories.
Tianna Jacquez Nov 2018
We sat along the side of the road,
waiting for the sun to dismiss our shadows.
The moon peaked out from behind the clouds and out came the wind with its scary sounds.
And then came the gray that filled the sky above,
And out came the rain that washed us with its love.

We slept along the side of the road,
and waited for the sun to come.
Patiently counting our breath until the days' begun.
Except no effort was made
and at the same place we remained.

Waiting for the sun to dismiss our shadows,
This time seems longer, with lingering hours.
Tonight there was no rain, but the mood still seemed so blue.
I awoke in the same place I've been; except I was never next to you.

The sun has again set, and you have not returned.
I've counted days and months, still it is you that I yearn.
I went to a nearby stream,
and that last thing I see will make me realize something.
You were there, in my reflection,
this whole time, there was not a piece of me missing.
So we return to the road where we first made our journey,
and we pack our bags and begin to set ourself free.
we don't wait for the sun,
we travel with our shadow  
as we begin to run.
Tianna Jacquez Nov 2018
Help me understand the method to your madness.
Take me on a journey to where your thoughts and desires thrive.
Be the open page my eyes gaze upon.
You are my favorite book.
Tianna Jacquez Oct 2018
Because after so long of living in silence, it has come to my attention that opposite ways could attract louder words than any person. How the darkness of the silenced echoes has swallowed all thoughts; drowned in emptiness. The rocks piling against the chest, too heavy to bear, the color dancing in the skies fading fast, the heartbeat is faint. Will you forgive the sins of one who has committed the ultimate betrayal to life itself.
The rightful mind of someone who is contaminated such as I could understand the grief of life when life has become the casket of this funeral- I'm sorry you had to see. But bearing such hurt and tragedy and can be a burden on one's shoulders until those boulders turn into the weight of a feather; a crisp white beginning.
Tianna Jacquez Jul 2018
We were destined to cross paths at some point.
When the moon became our guide,
and the stars accompanied us along the way,
it just had meant to happen the way it did.
Maybe we will never understand it.
Maybe we won't realize the entire reason we are here,
together, until the end of our time.
If our lungs stop breathing,
and our hearts discontinue the rhythm of their beats,
and our skin no longer bleeds,
but our souls still flourish;
is it possible that in another lifetime,
I will somehow be able to find you once more?
I will not need a map,
nor a compass,
or a GPS,
or anyone to point me in your direction.
If we are on two separate sides of the galaxy,
will you find me?
If I had to travel through seasons and seasons of life once more
and was forced to crawl on my knees through mountains,
I would not hesitate a second to begin my journey.
While our minds are old but our skin is young,
it would be a pleasure to gain with you.
I could spend a lifetime learning as you do,
teaching you as I see
and relearning about each other over and over again
There is not another person I would choose to cross off my bucket list with,
however "bucket" seems overdue.
How about our "Before Transformation" list?
We do not die, our shells retire permanently,
but our energies live forever.
Tianna Jacquez Jul 2018
You are the combination of two bloodlines. Within each other is another combination of two, made from a combination of two, and continuing through... by combinations of two.

Deep through these ancestral roots come attributes that I have acquitted from you; my mother, who came from her mother, who came from her mother, who came from her mother... and so on.
When I was in my mother's belly, I felt the hands of the women of our time, cradling our every move, holding her and I as I slowly grew out of my cocoon. And as my wings began to spread; I realized I have inherited my array of colors, from these women that I have never met.
When my great-great-grandmother passed on from life, her blood continued from her daughter to my grandmother, to my mother, and to I. Here in my veins lie centuries of scars from the women who have created the foundation where I lie. In my bones; I carry a history book of secrets and wisdom from the women of our time

You are the combination of two bloodlines. Within each other is another combination of two, made from a combination of two, and continuing through... by combinations of two.

Not only was my existence possible because of the mothers of life, but contributing to my being as well, is the fathers that came from the lifetimes before I.
I may not be male like you, but still, I carry the braveness on my shoulders that you have passed down to me from you. My strength blossomed before I laid my eyes on this earth for the first time, and in that time came my pride in where my heart resides.
I  was taught that I was a princess, one whose kingdom was the strongest; and even when I fall, I am never down for the longest. The hands of the men of my bloodline reach down, to pull me up when I have tumbled to the ground.
This is the sound of my heartbeat, this is the sound of life.
I came from the men and women from lifetimes of bloodlines."
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