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Thoughtful Aug 2020
she wants to be fed beliefs
she swallows truths so sharp,
that they scratch her throat.
But she doesn't care,
isn't this what she was built for?
  Mar 2020 Thoughtful
I feel like a
Lost compass
Spinning out of control
Not knowing where
True north is
Thoughtful Mar 2020
maybe I do feel fearless
maybe what you're saying is true
but I do not see the trouble
in doing a little risky thing
or two

and what you don't seem to understand
or what you don't quite get
is that that the more you tell me not to
the more of what you said
I seem to forget

so excuse me for Living,
like I'm happy,
forgive me for ******* the marrow
out of every day

you tell me to be careful of the World
but what if I'm not afraid?

what if I was the World?
and what a pleasant thought is that
Thoughtful Oct 2019
Deep down,
In the ocean, sound
asleep is the most beautiful creature.
Though many have tried
None have survived
the life of searching
for the secret to where it thrives.
one man
with fire in his eyes
managed to contrive
some way to not think
and just dive.
And now, he is the only one that feels
Thoughtful Sep 2019
Her hair ran like a river down her
An ocean of infinite curls
Or shall I dare say,
The enchantment would make of him a slave,
As soon as crave gave in to cave.
He saw her, and gasped:
the Altantic had never before looked so much
like a woman.
Thoughtful Sep 2019
this neighborhood,
thus far my kingdom,
where we ride our carriage
upon two wheels and a helmet
the royal banquet
we acquired at the local corner store;
on our heads:
greasy hair.
We wear it like a crown, and that makes of us kings.
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