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  Feb 7 This Guy
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
  Sep 2018 This Guy
Angelique Fresnido
You'll be okay
Trust me and stay
Say what you want to say
In this world full of fake face
I know you have a true place

I know you can do it
I know it's not easy
Because I've been through it
You're not crazy
They're just really shady

Don't hurt yourself
Because I know how it felt
Don't listen to them
They don't deserve you
'Cause you are a gem
For everyone who has depression and anxiety bring your words into power and let them show that you can do it.
  Sep 2018 This Guy
s y kalindara
Now I know how it feels: serendipity;
I sensed it on that 26th of June.
At first glance ecstasy,
by the drapery,
where I first met you.

Rosy cheeks and warm summer air,
Walking side by side,
beneath the daylight's glare.
Pulsing hearts and feeling shy,
passing smiles with our eyes.

Armours fall as stories unfold,
I linger on every word you say.
Laughing with you as time ticks by,
All I want is to ask you to stay.

Cigarettes at sunset,
the music blaring high,
dancing in starlight,
bewitched by your eyes.
You lean in to kiss me,
it's surreal as a daydream,
sweet, and laced with mint and nicotine.

It seems like fate was at play here.
We were meant to be, dear.
Easy marks of Cupid's arrow,
left a feeling I can't outgrow.
Can it be too good to be true?
Take my hand,
let's see it through and through.

Serendipity was a sign,
You're worth the try.
I'll love you, until I die.

Copyright © 2018 by S. Y. Kalindara.
All rights reserved.
To J.
Time spent.
Time wasted.
This Guy Sep 2018
Tayo, Sa Huling Buwan ng Taon
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