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 May 2020 Michelle
Le Beau
 May 2020 Michelle
Le Beau
He will never double cross u if he scared of u
 May 2020 Michelle
ain't much like

a bass drop in a

mosh pit.

while you claim

to never have attended

a concert.
Every second, an infinity
... in relativity!

(West Philadelphia: January, 1973)‚Äč
 May 2020 Michelle
When people look at you
They see a happy me
And not the sad you
They see me laughing
And see my beautiful smile
But no one sees you crying
Or sees you hurt

Please take me off
Because I care about you
You have spent your whole life behind me
And I hate that I keep lying to this good people
The more you keep hiding behind me
The more you keep dying inside
Let the people see the real you behind me
And set yourself free
Life is a ferris wheel.
Sometimes up,
Sometimes down.

Why am I always feeling I'm stuck down?
Lately I've been feeling let down and a bit sad. And thats when i felt, accepting you are in pain is better than suffering alone. Maybe reflection of the past and revision of actions is what i need...and a cup of coffee to warm my soul.
Be back soon x
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