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LiviKawa Jun 2014
Let me stand in the bed of your truck
A bottle in my hands
No shoes
Or jacket
And scream about Neverland
Let my voice carry across the stars so that I can hear it tomorrow
As I lay down for bed
And I will remember this
LiviKawa Jul 2014
It was a clear shot to the chest
And I felt myself falling

Not in love with you
Not out

I felt myself falling
Into oblivion
LiviKawa May 2014
I want to be there
Next to you
So your whispers
And secrets
Fill my ears
So I can hug you
Kiss away your tears
Kayla Weik Sep 2015
I am only a brick,
My thoughts and emotions
are set behind you.

What I'll forever see,
Do all that I can't.
Desiree Jackson Mar 2015
She said she loves me ik its weird but im happy bout it she loves me!!!

— The End —