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Ankita Dash May 17
I saw a dream at sunrise
I won something
Something I didn’t know I wanted
Something I didn’t know I needed
But it felt like Uncharted Territory
As if I was trying to make a home for myself at a place where I didn’t belong.

It felt a bit like loving you.

Did you know I changed cities? I heard you did too
Will you sing Hey There Delilah for me, now?

Opposite continents and timezones
I would stand at the Tropic of Cancer, just to melt a little more
Because you were the summer of my solistice.

I saw a dream yesterday at sunrise.
It was about winning you- because that’s what it was; a contest.
To your shattered heart.
But it felt a lot like Uncharted Territory.
Pax Apr 26
I Sense your
morning movement
as you wrap
your sweetest embrace
into my cold heart
bringing heat
to my uncharted
I surrender…

I rave at your arrival
as you drain
my pool of
longing then
my hunger
I remember…
An old piece.

— The End —