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Graff1980 Jul 2020
Church services will resume shortly,
so, get ready to crowd the rectory.
Confessions are in session
cause these are concessions to con men
plying their moral dissent
to compliment other idiots.

Success, cause intellectual blindness
and devotion to a deity who
doesn’t give two *****
about all of you who
are not rich republican men.

We win, my gullible friends.
Come on in.
Kenneth Copeland
and Cresflow dollar
will be taking your money
to support their private jet
go out and get
more stuff while the poor
struggle in debt.

Why care for those who despair?
Why share what we have
instead of bailing out
big businessmen?
We got to open the country again
and we can start with religion
cause they already believe
that science is fake
and magic is reality.

So, lets get them out and about
who cares if grandma get the disease.

We need to please these rich dudes,
these fox news
red hat attitude
gotta get a clue
red state race bating
confederate flag wearing
NRA make America great…


Yeah, go to church
your pearly gates await
just please stay in
for at least two weeks
when you get back from
hearing your preacher speak.
Mark Lecuona Aug 2017
I’m not looking at the camera
I’m not looking over at you
You decided you know better
You decided you know what’s true

I’m surprised how important it is to you
You hurt a friend of mine
Over something that had nothing to do with you
If you only knew how it controls your mind

Everybody wants to preach back at him
Using words you don’t believe are true
You bait the hook then blame the fish
How weak must it be to blame the fish

Does God reveal himself in a storm
In the curtain call for terror
There is no understanding
Except those who can only look for error

Where is your destination
Nobody parted the sea upon us all
So a man of god failed us again
And so too my breath failed again

I think you may have made a find
It was so easy to tell us what was true
God will remind Caiaphas why
But what will he decide about you?

— The End —