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Nicole Bataclan Dec 2015
How long is now
This moment
Will last a lifetime

How long is now
My body endures the hours

But my mind took a halt

As soon as I entered the hall
I stopped minding the clock.

I shut my eyes
The goosebumps never lie

I awake in paradise
The soul dancing to the bass.

I lose myself
As much as find

Exactly who I am.

The music becomes
My second skin
I look around and
You too, have the same discipline

How long is now

We are infinite in this crowd

Then, I will remember your smile
Your heart sounds just like mine in Berghain.
Nicole Bataclan May 2014
Like you do not have a care
In the world
Like it is the only thing you care about
In this world
Of all ages
From many
Different places
We come together
Just for you
We become one
For this music
We all love
To pursue
We are Generation Sven
You create the magic
And we are here
To dance.
--- Mar 2014
Why does music always have to
Be self expression or support some cause?
I just want to relax when I listen
Not consider my life
Or at least, not always

— The End —