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Brian Turner Sep 2020
Today I saw an SUV
Coming along the side of me
Nothing sports or utility
Just a driver full of futility

He's in a rush
That's all I know
Foot on the pedal
Gas to the flow

I'll let him pass
I don't drive fast
There is no rush
No need to crush

The next time you see an SUV
Don't think of me
Think of the planet and going green
Inside an SUV is nowhere to be seen
The SUV is the fastest growing car category globally and contributes the most to polution.
WendyStarry Eyes Sep 2014
The time in my youth that taught me about true peace
Was fishing with my Papa on the coast of the East
We'd get up in the morning before sunrise
Papa would wake me with sparkle in his eyes
I'd jump down from the bunk bed
When my feet hit the floor Smells of
Grandma's hickory bacon would rush to my head
She would wrap the bacon up in a biscuit and pack it to go
I'd grab the bag of bread crumbs we'd been saving
for the seagulls, to strew
We'd pile it all in the SUV
The poles clasped firm on the front bumper
Papa's clever bumper holder made of PVC
I can smell the salt air so clear
Papa and Grandma are always with me
Ahh, that is true tranquility!!!
PEACE IN MY HEART THAT WILL NEVER DEPART put this on a notch above the daily fluff for Father's day  Love you Papa Angel, to stay!!

— The End —